Searching for a Philadelphia Job in IT?

Are you searching for a new job in the information technology field? If so, Kane Partners is here to help. Our staffing experts specialize in the local IT industry. Whether you are a business needing new candidates, or a candidate looking for a prospective new employer, Kane Partners is here to assist.

Placing Top Candidates in your IT Positions

At Kane Partners, we’ve been in the IT staffing business serving the greater Philadelphia area for decades. Our team actively works with the top companies in the region in filling their information technology positions. 

Our goal is simple: place the most qualified candidate in your open position. We become an extension of your team to fully understand:

  • The type of candidate you’re looking for, i.e., the work ethic, the drive, the commitment
  • The culture you are developing in your team
  • The technical qualifications needed by candidates to succeed on your team

Our recruiters become immersed in your team to ensure the candidate we bring onboard for you matches what your team needs to succeed.

Following the Local IT Trends 

Times and trends change quickly in IT. Our recruiting team at Kane stays current with the latest trends and changes in the technology world and how it affects business. Our team stays updated on the latest and greatest in IT to ensure we know our candidates skills and our recruiting needs.

As a candidate, we dig into not only your skillset and technical expertise, but we also dig into understanding your short-term and long-term career goals. We are looking to place you in the right company that meets what you are looking for in your career, and not just the first open desk that comes along.

If it’s a job in the information technology sector that you are searching, then search no further than with Kane Partners. We will help place you in the new position you’ve been searching for.

16 10, 2023

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21 09, 2022

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29 06, 2022

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15 03, 2022

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1 02, 2022

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29 12, 2021

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29 11, 2021

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