Kane Partners 10 Step Staffing Process

Quality Search Results for Clients 

At Kane Partners prior to beginning our search process to identify potential candidates for your job opening we will establish a partnership agreement. Although most of our clients engage our services on a contingency basis (no fee, unless you hire) we still establish the fee and guarantee period on the front end.  Ask about our retained and discounted partnerships offered by Kane Partners Staffing Solutions.
Now begins the Kane Partners Search Process, starting with the Candidate Search of Kane Partners well networked and established database of candidates, professionals and industry contacts. 
During our candidates search process we also reach out to targeted companies and industries that your ideal candidate may have worked for in the past.  Thanks to the latest in technology we are able to zero in on what matters to you, our client.
During the Kane Partners Search Process, our staff will identify and screen candidates based on the job requirements and company culture.
 After the identification, screening and recruitment of potential talent by both our recruiting staff and our executive staff we will then present your opportunity if both parties (Kane Partners and the candidate) agree there is a potential fit, we continue with our process.
 Kane Partners will prepare an introduction with resume to your company. Kane Partners averages a 2:1 submittal to interview ration with their clients, this is attributed to the Kane Partners Search Process and internal team approach.
When a client expresses interest in a candidate we work directly with you to set up an interview. Arrangements include phone, in person, onsite and video conference interviews including follow up interviews. Kane Partners ensures all parties are prepared for the type and style interview allowing for the best possible presentation of skill sets and abilities.
During the set-up of the interview we arrange for our candidates to contact up immediately after the interview to provide feedback, address any questions, and discuss next steps, overall impression and interest level.  It is just as important to hear from you, the client, on your thoughts about the prospect of the candidate for employment.
Kane Partners will work directly with the company in communicating and presenting a job offer to a candidate represented by Kane Partners. There are many benefits to having an outside party make the presentation including the ability to present the entire offer and receive honest feedback.  During the initial vetting process we have pre-determined the candidate requirement which includes the salary and overall benefits. We have the ability to walk them through the entire offer and package and not just the base salary. Our job is to ensure all parties are satisfied for the onboarding process.
Congratulations, we have reached the conclusion of a successful search, the acceptance of a job offer to a Kane Partners candidate.  We ensure the candidate successful resigns and is prepared to begin his or her role at your company.


Kane Partner’s Ten Step Process for Technology Staffing organizes and streamlines the open position requirements, candidate search, interview process, offer, negotiations, and acceptance, creating a seamless method for identifying talent.