A Must Read BEFORE You Consider A Counter Offer

The Facts About Counter Offers

We at Kane Partners assume that you have exhausted all internal possibilities of rectifying with your current employer those issues that are causing you to seek new employment opportunities.  If, after those efforts, you are considering a counteroffer, don’t!

Many industry surveys estimate that 75% to 85% of employees who accept counteroffer end up leaving, voluntarily or involuntarily, within one year. Examine your reasons and issues for wanting to make a change. If those reasons are something other than money, then it is likely you will be faced with those same issues after your initial feelings of appreciation wear off.  When your resignation is received your employer may make unrealistic promises to keep you. And your fear of change could cause you to do something you would not normally do.

Remember making a job change is career business decision.  Don’t be fooled and don’t let emotions cloud your decision. Your word, professionalism and integrity are critical at this time.

Here are some of the reasons not to accept a counteroffer:

  • You will no longer be considered a team player.
  • By making your employer aware of your dissatisfaction your loyalty will be in question.
  • Your present position did not compensate you before you secured an outside offer. Why should you have to threaten to resign before your employer gives you what you are worth?
  • Is the counter offer just an advance on a raise you would have received anyway?  How did this extra money suddenly appear?
  • Your employer is likely to begin looking to replace you the day you accept their counteroffer.
  • Your employer will take your lack of loyalty into account when promotions and performance reviews occur.

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