Find Your Perfect Candidate With Mechanical Engineering Headhunters

At Kane Partners Staffing Solutions, one of the top recruitment agencies in Philadelphia, we know what industries are the most lucrative — and we know that one of the most lucrative and successful career paths to take is becoming a mechanical engineer. We are happy to help you capitalize on that success and recruit new mechanical engineers for your company.

Learn why the profession continues to attract new workers and the specific ways the mechanical engineering headhunters at Kane Partners can help.

The Promising Outlook For Mechanical Engineers

Mechanical engineering pays well, plain and simple. The average mechanical engineer makes an average of $87,370 per year, with some earning as much as $110,520. U.S. News recently ranked it the number one best engineering job and the 16th best STEM career. Plus, the field is growing steadily, with an increase of at least 12,800 jobs opening up between 2018 and 2028.

Our mechanical engineering headhunters understand the promise of a mechanical engineering career. We work closely with our clients and you to find the best possible solutions for everyone.

How Mechanical Engineering Headhunters Can Help

Just because mechanical engineering is a desirable field does not mean that these positions are necessarily easy to fill. Find the most qualified candidates — and candidates that will stick around — by teaming up with Kane Partners Staffing Solutions. Here are the perks you can expect from mechanical engineering headhunters:

  • Addressing the shortcomings of the mechanical engineering sector. Right now, the field is predominantly male. On average, there are nine males for every female employee. Of course, our mechanical engineering headhunters will implement fair job search practices. At the same time, we will help you address and close this gap.


  • A smooth transition into the field. Mechanical engineering requires a complete education and specialized training. Even then, the practical application of skills is tremendously important. That is where Kane Partners and our mechanical engineering headhunters come in. At Kane Partners, we ensure that every candidate has the necessary training and practical experience before we continue with the hiring process.


  • Thorough vetting and training programs to get candidates up-to-speed. Mechanical engineering is not the right fit for everyone. Let us vet candidates for you, narrowing applicants down to the ones that are truly fit for the job. 

Are you looking for mechanical engineers? Team up with Kane Partners to find the most qualified candidates for the job.

Finding the Perfect Job for you

engineering headhuntersLanding the perfect job is hard work. It’s much more than simply updating your profile on job boards and waiting for the right company to come along and find you. It’s a time consuming process to find and review suitable jobs, as well as doing a thorough research on the companies themselves.

If you’re struggling with finding the job that meets your skills, experience, and job history, or if you simply just don’t have enough hours in the day to sit down and search for a new job or employer, let the expert engineering headhunters from Kane Partners go to work for you to find the ideal fit.

At Kane Partners, it is as easy as updating your profile and resume into our database and letting us help you in your job search. When a suitable match is made, you’ll be contacted for further screening and preparation for an interview with a company looking for someone with your skill sets and experience.

Are Engineering Headhunters the Right Partner for you in your Job Search?

Kane Partners works with some of the top engineering firms in the area. We view our role as not only partnering with the employers, but also partnering with you. Our goal is to match your experience with the top engineering companies we partner with. We thoroughly review your skill sets and job history with the jobs available. We have successfully matched and placed candidates with some of the top employers in the area, and we continue to do so.

The engineering headhunters at Kane Partners work with corporations and businesses throughout the region and beyond, looking to fill open positions with employees with individuals exactly like you. Contact Kane Partners today and let our experts go to work in finding the match for you and your future employer.

Get started today at and click on our Candidates page or search the Jobs Network by clicking on our Jobs page. You’ll find a wealth of valuable resources to get you started.


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