If you have a virtual team, you probably understand the difficulty of team bonding. However, bonding with your team couldn’t be more important. It builds trust and relationships, and without it, projects move slower, fall through the cracks, or lack the quality you’ve come to expect. Bonding also increases employee retention, meaning you’ll spend less time working with staffing agencies on your hiring efforts. Luckily, staffing agencies have found some fun and easy ways for virtual teams to bond. Here are a few things to try with your team.

Jackbox Game Night

If you haven’t heard of Jackbox yet, it’s time to get on your computer and check it out! Jackbox is a virtual platform offering a large variety of games for any size group. Schedule a Jackbox game night with your team and choose from Drawful, Split The Room, or any of the other popular games offered.

Trivia Happy Hour

While happy hours are a common in-person workplace activity, they also make an excellent virtual activity for team building. You could go the normal route and choose a trivia app to use, or you can get extra creative and create custom trivia about your company or firm. For example, a great trivia question could be, “What year did our company open?” or “How many employees do we have?”

Secret Snowflake Gift Exchange

You may have heard of Secret Santa before, but Secret Snowflake is a more inclusive name for this activity that everyone will be sure to love. Give everyone on your team a budget, like $20. Then, draw names at random to keep it a secret who drew who. After everyone sends out their gifts, choose a day to meet together via Zoom, Google Meet, or another video conference platform that you use, and watch everyone open their gifts together. For extra fun, you can let everyone guess who gave them their gift!

Spirit Week

Most everyone remembers a spirit week from their high school or college days, so why not bring back the fun with a company spirit week? You can choose a different theme each day for a week and even give out prizes to those who show the most spirit. Common fun spirit days include Dress Like a Coworker Day, Crazy Hat Day, and even Company Spirit Day where everyone sports their company swag such as branded jackets, hats, mugs, and more!

As you can see, staffing agencies have found many enjoyable ways to achieve team bonding in a virtual workplace. Unfortunately, according to Hive, only 79% of remote workers participated in at least one virtual team-building activity in 2020. Additionally, 69% of remote workers only take part in one team-building event per quarter. Luckily, as an owner or department head, you can use these fun team bonding activities to encourage more participation in team bonding activities and events, and in turn, increase your employee retention and productivity. Reach out to us today at Kane Partners for more ways to build the bond between your team.