26 07, 2018

Three hiring tips for companies in a hot market…

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By most standards, we are now in the hottest STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) job market since the end of the go-go 90’s. Just ask any technical recruiter on the corporate or agency side about their rising ‘time-to-fill’ metrics. Time-to-fill is an important measurement of the number of days between the origination of a new [...]

19 07, 2018

Interviewing? How are your intangibles?

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With the job market continuing to emphasize skills and credentials, don’t get caught letting your personal brand and the overall quality of your candidacy suffer from poor intangibles. Today’s technical role descriptions are packed with buzzwords and skills, placing significant time commitments on technologists to acquire and maintain those capabilities. In some sectors like computer [...]

12 07, 2018

Interviewing Primer (Interview Prep 101)

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Interview preparation guides and blogs are not exactly a fresh idea, but a fresh reminder and perhaps a few new ideas never hurt. I’ve got some do’s and don’ts that are part of my regular interview prep coaching. Some ideas are as old as time (or myself) and some are updated a bit for the [...]

5 07, 2018

IT Recruiters: We’re all looking for the Goldilocks candidate…

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…you know the one: not too much experience, not too little; not too much money, but not too cheap; not too many jobs, not too much attitude, but just enough so he/she projects an air of confidence. Well for both corporate and agency IT Recruiters, Engineering Recruiters and Technical Recruiters, finding the goldilocks candidate is [...]

28 06, 2018

Looking For an Internship

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Are you searching for an internship, but you’re not sure where to start? The most important thing in any job search is having the ability to market yourself and highlight your skills. Yes, it is great to search online and fill out applications, but you could be wasting your time if you’re not searching in [...]

21 06, 2018

Leaving your job? Some thoughts about making the announcement as painless as possible…

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Your favorite IT Recruiter, Engineering Recruiter or Technical Recruiter has just gotten you that terrific job opportunity. You’ve been given a great offer and have accepted! Congratulations! All you have to do now is announce the news to your current employer. Simple, right? Well, if done correctly, it is simple. However if your resignation is [...]

14 06, 2018

Readers Voted Kane Partners ‘Best of Montco’ Recruiting/Career Services

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Congratulations Kane Partners Staffing Solutions Best Recruiting/Career Services 2018 Montco Happenings List Flourtown, PA, (May 2, 2018) -  Kane Partners LLC is a Philadelphia based, full service staffing firm concentrating on Information Technology (IT), Engineering, Manufacturing and Creative placements including Permanent Placement, Retained, Contract, Contract-to-Hire, and Temporary Staffing services. Kane Partners is comprised of a [...]

31 05, 2018

Looking for a Purple Squirrel?

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Most organizations we work with have a good handle on the value of a full life cycle recruiting firm like Kane Partners and effectively leverage every bit of the 100+ years combined recruiting experience our executive staff offers. They hire us, keep us involved from initial consultation through the interview and compensation negotiations. Active communication [...]