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There are many reasons to seek out a reputable recruiter when your business needs to fulfill a staffing need. Experienced companies know that permanent placement decisions can be paramount to the success of your business. Why not develop a relationship with an agency that understands your needs and can respond quickly to fill a vacancy?

Over time, your company could grow and knowing where to look for more help will ultimately sustain the momentum of your business. Kane Partners has extensive experience as Information Technology (IT), sales and marketing, manufacturing, and engineering recruitment. We establish an honest and ethical connection to our candidates and clients, ensuring the each placement is the best fit for both parties.

The Kane Partners Search Process

Of critical importance is knowing everything about the job opening. This will play an important role when evaluating a candidate’s skill set and personality traits. Even a 15-minute conversation by phone could save everyone involved hours and hours of unnecessary searching and poor matches. You should also be very truthful about the urgency to fill the role. This allows us to make a judgment call on the candidate and helps avoid surprises that may confuse or deter an ideal candidate.

After we have fully understood your company values and current needs, we will begin the process of searching for the ideal candidate. We leverage our extensive database of industry contacts, professionals, and candidates to determine the best match.

It is here that a critical piece of the process begins to unfold – we will screen the candidate based on their prior work history to determine if their skill set and experience aligns with your job opening and company culture. We take this process very seriously and will only select the absolute best candidate for your business.

At this point we will prepare an introduction that the candidate may submit to your company along with a résumé. We will also take the necessary steps to arrange the interview and ensure that all parties understand the type and style of the interview. It is also imperative that the company takes the time to properly schedule and attend interviews with all of the necessary decision makers. Delaying or failure to allocate time is a sign that the employer is not ready to hire at this time. It is essential that you consider the search process as an important piece of your operating procedure.

After an interview, it is highly beneficial to receive open and honest feedback about the submission. If the candidate was not an ideal fit, it must be absolutely clear that this is the case else we may select another person with a similar background, history, or skill set. Remember, we are working together as a team. Open and honest feedback on both sides will be critical to successful placement whether it be permanent or temporary.

Philadelphia Headhunters

Remember, treating a staffing candidate as a person and not simply a resource or résumé will result in successful matchmaking and ultimately a better relationship with us, your team member. If you are seeking technical headhunters in Philadelphia, look no further than Kane Partners. We specialize in IT, manufacturing, and engineering with an ever increasing candidate base that we can offer you as the top Pennsylvania recruiter.