Kane Partners – Utilizing Technology for Search & Placement

a team of recruitersIn the age of technology, many businesses have the ability to expand their reach to a national and even global level. Potential job candidates and job placement opportunities are everywhere, but only a top web recruiter will have the ability to access them all. It takes time to build up a national reputation for recruiting excellence, and Kane Partners has done just that. Our process is defined and our experience is unmatched. Join us in your search for the next great talent by taking advantage of our modern outreach and plentiful database.

Although we are located on the East Coast of the United States, we are capable of reaching businesses and job candidates all around the USA. We specialize in certain sectors such as manufacturing and IT and offer a wide range of tools and connections to speed up your hiring process. Web recruiting is also particularly useful in an urgent hire situation. If you have recently lost an employee or were forced to part ways with someone, filling that vacancy can be an important step in the continued success of your business. If you are seeing a large influx of work but can’t handle the work load, it could be time to consider temporary help that could one day blossom into a full-time position or even a future leader.

Staffing on the web is essential for any rapidly growing business because it can also let you determine if you would like to work with someone remotely. Perhaps you just need a skilled software developer or QA manager to plug a hole during the busy season. Nowadays, this can be accomplished through online work management tools, instant messaging, email, cloud-based file systems, and web chat. Even the interview process has evolved and can incorporate modern elements of communication that let you vet out a possible candidate before you decide to make the hire.

What kind of recruiting strategies are you using to try and streamline your hiring process? If your HR department is overwhelmed or is simply not running efficiently, it’s a good idea to consider a partner on a contingent or retained basis. At Kane Partners, we take the time to fully understand what kind of job needs to be filled and what type of personality might work best. We make sure to keep in touch with all of the candidates in our system so that when you are in a time of need, we are on the spot with plenty of viable options that can give you the boost you need.

Take a look at some of our staff enjoying happy hour and taking the time to tell you a bit more about their day to day job in the employment agency world:

Let’s say you need recruiting help looking for a .net developer in Boston. Maybe you need a Lamp developer that has experience. In the old days, you might simply look to the local employment firm for help due to their expertise in the local area. Today, you can work with a national recruiter that knows the job description, the requirements, and has the wide net to cast and attract the right person. Talented individuals will likely use a job search engine of some sort to find job listings, but if they are working with Kane Partners we guide them in the right direction.

Contact our firm today if you would like to start a discussion about permanent hiring or temporary work. Many people will be prowling the net to search jobs, but few web recruiters will be able to zone in and attract them in large quantities like Kane Partners. Put our experience to work for you and ensure that your company transitions into the next phase of your business easily and with the most talented team in place. Let’s forge a lasting partnership that will allow you to post job listings with us and get those openings out on the market right away. We are ready to fill project manager, user experience, designer and engineering placements at the drop of a hat. It’s who we are, and it’s what we do! Call us today to get started.

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