January and February are some of the busiest hiring months for many industries. A new fiscal year begins, budgets become available, and the push to accomplish new company goals is in full swing! According to Indeed, January and February are known as the top months to get hired. If your organization is looking to make some key, full-time hires with the help of a staffing agency, it’s important to have a firm understanding of how you are going to frame, contextualize, and set your 2024 hiring goals. Having answers to the following questions will allow you and the expert team of recruiters you’re working with to add exceptional talents to your team.

What Values Anchor Your Organization?

At the heart of your company are core values. These define the trajectory of your organization, the behaviors that contribute to its success, and the day-to-day goals to live by. If your company has not sorted out what these are, then now is the time to do so. Figuring out how to verbally express your company’s core values is vital for the staffing agency services you’re working with in 2024. Making the right hires requires a solid understanding of what your company prioritizes in each member of the team.

Choosing candidates whose core values align with the company’s ethos is fundamental for a harmonious and productive work environment. People who push the organization forward passionately, collaboratively, and compassionately will improve the workplace every day. As an employer, it’s important to note that these values cannot be pushed onto individuals who do not receive them well. An excellent and thorough recruiting and staffing agency will help you develop a hiring process that attracts people who are compatible with your organizational goals and values. Having a team of staffing agency service experts to assist you will streamline and strengthen your hiring season.

What’s the State of Your Workplace Culture?

Every individual in the workplace is a co-architect of your company’s culture. Potential new hires are more likely to seek employment with an organization that communicates and exhibits a high-quality, positive work culture that even someone viewing the company from the outside can trust. According to BetterUp, high-trust companies experience 74% less stress. If you’re in the process of using headhunters to staff your organization before the new year, it’s essential to assess how each member of the workplace represents and embodies the company’s culture in the following ways:

  • Communication Style: How information flows within the organization is a clear indicator of a healthy or unhealthy workplace. Open, transparent communication between every person in the workplace fosters trust and collaboration. If employees typically feel protective of key knowledge and refrain from sharing this with fellow workers, then there’s an underlying sense of competition and distrust to unpack.
  • Leadership Approach: No matter their position, each employee exhibits decision-making behaviors. How easily does the average employee make crucial project decisions, give guidance, and work toward organizational growth? Create candid assessments of how welcoming the workplace is of leaders who rise to the occasion and how compassionate leaders are with those they are guiding.
  • Employee Engagement: The level of employee engagement, satisfaction, and retention speaks volumes about workplace culture. An active, dynamic workplace culture is defined by people who engage with others as part of a community. A company that values its employees, provides them with adequate growth opportunities, and emphasizes the value of work-life balance is one that thrives with interaction and camaraderie.
  • Recognition and Feedback: A culture that values and recognizes employee contributions fosters a positive work environment. Is constructive feedback delivered as effortlessly as praise or achievement recognition? A culture that encourages accountability, growth, and positivity seamlessly is one that top-tier talent will flock to. Keep this in mind when you’re preparing to hire more employees in the new year.

Recognizing these indicators helps understand and assess a company’s workplace culture, allowing for improvements and alignment with desired values and goals. An exceptional staffing agency service like Kane Partners can help you determine how well your business exhibits the indicators outlined.

What Are Some Key Areas of Improvement?

A major reason you are adding new members to the team is to improve the success of your business and the quality of your output. You can determine the following aspects to identify your workplace’s key areas of improvement:

  • Feedback Channels: Establish diverse feedback mechanisms, including surveys, one-on-one sessions, and suggestion boxes. Analyze feedback consistently to spot recurring themes or concerns. If this is not already a practice your company has naturally incorporated into its processes, then take this time to restructure current feedback channels so that they’re always open, whether or not you are hiring.
  • Performance Metrics: Review key performance indicators (KPIs) across departments. Identify areas where performance falls short of targets or benchmarks. This helps pinpoint operational inefficiencies.
  • Employee Input: Engage employees in discussions or workshops focused on improvement. They often offer valuable insights into day-to-day challenges and potential solutions. Like the note about feedback channels, each team member’s input and ideas should feel welcome throughout the year. Improvement opportunities should be pursued as they become necessary, not long after they’ve been identified.
  • External Benchmarking: Compare your workplace against industry standards or competitors. This offers an external perspective, revealing areas where you might lag or excel.
  • Technology and Processes: Evaluate existing technology, workflows, and processes. Outdated systems or inefficient workflows can hinder productivity and need upgrading.
  • Leadership Evaluation: Assess leadership effectiveness. Leaders set the tone for the workplace. Evaluate if there are gaps in leadership skills, communication, or decision-making.
  • Customer Feedback: Examine customer feedback and satisfaction levels. Identify recurring complaints or areas customers highlight for improvement.

Consolidating insights from these diverse sources helps prioritize key improvement areas. A highly skilled staffing agency service can collaborate with you to establish action plans with specific, measurable goals that you can clearly communicate with potential candidates.

As an award-winning staffing agency service, we prioritize delivering excellent staffing solutions for companies in need of full-time hires. If you’re preparing to begin hiring for the new year, don’t hesitate to reach out to Kane Partners as soon as you can! We’d love to answer any questions you may have about our services and speak with you about how we can help your business create long-term success.