The experienced manufacturing recruiters at Kane Partners are dedicated to hiring top-notch talent for full-time positions in manufacturing companies across the U.S. Our in-depth hiring process verifies the skills, experience, and work ethic of potential job candidates that are compatible with your organization’s needs. If you’re a business owner in the manufacturing industry, reach out to our team today to inform us of your employment needs, as well as the qualifications and experience you seek for your full-time positions. We’re ready to start working with you directly to optimize a hiring process that is tailored to your business.

Why You Should Count on Kane Partners for Full-Time Employment

Manufacturing HeadhunterKane Partners prides itself on providing manufacturing headhunters that are equipped with top industry knowledge, effective recruiting methods, and a vast network of professionals to connect with your company. Our comprehensive hiring approach helps clients successfully find top-notch professionals for their organization. Our clients can expect exceptional communication and attention to detail from our team, as we work to find candidates through the guidelines and expectations you set forth with us. 

Whether you’re staffing for manufacturing engineers, operators, or production workers,  our team of manufacturing recruiters can have full-time positions filled by expert candidates in a matter of days. We’re here to take care of the interview process, screenings, social media networking, and additional hiring practices with the supervision of our clients. For even the most critical employment challenges and business goals, lean on Kane Partners.

“77% of manufacturers say they will have ongoing difficulties in attracting and retaining workers in 2021 and beyond.”*

What Industries Do We Help You Hire For?

Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM)

Original Equipment Manufacturers play a crucial role in the manufacturing ecosystem. At Kane Partners, we understand the importance of finding skilled professionals who can meet the specific demands of OEM companies. Whether you need manufacturing engineers, plant managers, or a director of supply chain, our dedicated team of staffing experts will leverage our extensive network to connect you with top talent in the industry.


In the dynamic world of computer and electronics manufacturing, staying ahead of the curve is essential. Kane Partners specializes in recruiting professionals who possess the technical expertise to drive innovation in this ever-evolving industry. From computer and software engineers to electrical and hardware engineers, we have the industry knowledge and resources to identify and secure the best candidates for your computer/electronics company. Let us power your success with our exceptional manufacturing staffing solutions.

Industrial Equipment

The industrial equipment sector demands skilled individuals who can handle the complexities of designing, manufacturing, and maintaining high-quality machinery. At Kane Partners, we understand the unique challenges faced by industrial equipment companies. Our team of manufacturing recruiters is dedicated to finding qualified candidates for positions such as mechanical engineers, production managers, and quality control professionals.

Consumer Goods

In the competitive consumer goods industry, having the right team in place is crucial to success. Kane Partners recognizes the need for skilled professionals who can navigate the ever-changing consumer landscape. Whether you require marketing directors, supply chain managers, or product development experts, our staffing agency has the expertise to find the ideal candidates for your consumer goods company.


In the construction industry, we all know the importance of project deadlines being met. At Kane Partners, we identify top industry leaders that understand the importance of motivating their teams to complete projects safely and on time. Whether it’s residential, industrial, or commercial construction, Kane Partners can meet your needs. If your company finds itself in urgent need of seasoned project managers, an experienced director of construction, or a superintendent or estimator, our staff has your back.


The broad world of the chemical industry entails organizations that depend on the engineers that design and troubleshoot chemical production processes. Our team of manufacturing headhunters is ready to prepare and employ a comprehensive and tailored interview process that vets the aptitude and application of knowledge necessary to work for your company.


The pharmaceutical industry demands exceptional talent to bring life-saving medications and therapies to market. At Kane Partners, we understand the critical nature of this industry and the need for highly skilled professionals. From research and development to regulatory affairs and manufacturing, we specialize in recruiting top-notch candidates who possess the expertise and dedication required in the pharmaceutical sector. With our extensive network and industry knowledge, we will connect you with the right individuals who will contribute to your organization’s success.

Food and Beverage

Whether you’re in need of quality assurance directors or plant managers, Kane Partners understands that you have a vital role that needs to be fulfilled by a candidate with a solid understanding of the food and beverage industry. Our qualified team is capable of curating exceptional talent for numerous roles in the food and beverage industry, such as HR, automation, supply chain management, engineering, production, and more.


The paper industry remains a cornerstone of many sectors, requiring skilled individuals who can ensure smooth operations and product quality. Kane Partners is well-versed in recruiting talent for the paper manufacturing industry, from experienced technical professionals, such as sanitation engineers, continuous improvement engineers, and process engineers, to plant superintendents and production managers. Our experienced team of manufacturing recruiters understands the unique demands of the paper sector and will connect you with qualified professionals who can help drive your business forward.


Air travel is vital to the global economy and its continued growth. The absence of a technician, safety engineer, or inspector is detrimental to the safety and reliability of various airlines and air fleets. With our help, you can sidestep this risk and fill one of these critical positions with a full-time, experienced professional.

“While the manufacturing industry recouped 63% of jobs lost during the pandemic, the remaining 570,000 had not been added back by the end of 2020, despite a near record number of job openings in the sector.”*

Save your own time and energy by working with Kane Partners to fill crucial positions at your company. Don’t hesitate to call and let us know about your organization’s hiring needs, and we’ll be more than happy to walk you through how our staff can help you find exceptional talent.

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