Downtime in manufacturing can cause untold losses for your business. If you need to hire an extra hand in your manufacturing plant, then you should do it in the shortest time possible. Your best bet is trusting manufacturing headhunters to recruit the best talent in the market and help keep your business operating at peak capacity. You’ll benefit in the following ways when you engage manufacturing headhunters.

Quick Turnaround Time

On average, manufacturing recruiting firms will take 42 days to find the best candidate to fill a new position. For your manufacturing business to work perfectly, all the teams involved must coordinate and work in tandem. To get your operations running at maximum capacity again, you need to fill vacant positions as soon as you can. That’s where manufacturing headhunters come in. The best manufacturing recruiters have a ready database of qualified candidates who will fit in your company’s culture in no time. This will ensure that you don’t run on temporary solutions for too long or overstretch the capacity of your workforce.

Better Marketing to Jobseekers

You may be doing a bang-up job with your product marketing. Truth told, it’s often tempting to think that potential job seekers will want to work for your company once they interact with your product marketing. To some degree that holds water, but it isn’t effective all the time. You need to also market your company to job seekers so that you attract the best. Manufacturing headhunters will help you advertise your business to potential candidates in the most appealing way. Between overseeing your company’s operations and marketing your products and services, you may not find time to update and post your employer profile to attract top talent. However, a manufacturing recruiting firm will take the time to prepare a detailed job advert that will draw the best talent for your company.

Recruitment Experts

As a manufacturing business, you need workers with specific skills. You need proactive workers who have experience with various machining processes in your manufacturing operations. Manufacturing headhunters know the qualities to look for in prospective candidates. When you hire new employees, you want them to settle and become productive in the shortest time possible. These are the kind of candidates that a manufacturing recruiter will send your way.

Cost and Time Effeciency

The manufacturing industry employs many workers, the rate of employees quitting is also high. You don’t want to increase your cost of new employee acquisition given the intense competition in the manufacturing industry. The best manufacturing headhunters will reduce your cost-per-hire and save you time. Some manufacturing recruiting firms work on a contingency basis. This means that you only pay for their services after you hire their candidate. You save time and money when you engage headhunters as opposed to recruiting employees on your own.

More Qualified Candidates

It’s easier for job seekers to subscribe and keep up with the latest updates from staffing agencies, other than keeping track of individual companies. Today, job seekers follow the best staffing agencies in Philadelphia to get the top manufacturing jobs. If you think about it, job seekers want a central platform where they can access all advertised positions and increase their chances of scoring a job. For this reason, manufacturing headhunters will always attract the most candidates for each advertised position. Headhunters will use their staffing expertise to select the best candidates most suitable for your company.

When you want to fill a new position in your company, you should trust the best manufacturing headhunters to find you the most suitable and qualified candidate. At Kane Partners, we know what it takes to hire top talent for manufacturers.