The Changing Scope of IT and How an IT Headhunter Can Help

IT Headhunters

Are you looking for IT staffing solutions? Look no further than Kane Partners. The professionals at Kane Partners can help you identify the best possible candidates for your company.

Below you will find an overview of the profession along with the ways information technology is changing and how new workers can adapt.

The Perks of Working in IT

The IT headhunters at Kane Partners are confident in their abilities to find you the most qualified applicants for the job. Our staffing agency boasts more than 25 years of experience with each of our partners, and we know what to look for in knowledgeable and proficient IT professionals.

IT is a thriving field. With its job security, optimal work/life balance, and flexibility, the challenge awaiting you is most likely not finding candidates but reviewing hundreds of resumes to find the best one. Remember, the tech industry is worth an approximate $5.2 trillion, there is an ongoing demand for managing existing and new digital and internet-based technologies as they emerge, and many IT positions allow for work-from-home opportunities and relative flexibility.

“Computer and IT occupations as a group are projected to grow about 3 times as fast as the average between 2019 and 2029 at 11.5 percent. This growth will result in slightly more than half a million new computer jobs over the 10-year period.”*

The Critical Way IT is Changing

Just because IT is a thriving field with a healthy outlook, IT headhunters warn employers not to grow complacent. Information technology is changing, and the future of business depends on changing with it. Here is what the IT headhunters at Kane Partners recommend:

  • Ideal candidates need to be one step ahead. As stated, IT and technologies are continually changing. That means the best candidates will be abreast of these changes — and continually on the lookout for new developments. Our recruiters will vet and interview applicants not only to assess their current skills but also to learn how they are keeping pace with these changes and picking up new skills as well.
  • New IT employees need to focus on strategy and solutions, not merely staying above water. For years, the main role of an IT employee was to keep the internet and computer systems afloat. Keeping computers running and the internet up and accessible to all employees was enough. Now, IT can be a critical and active part of your business model. Team up with IT employees to use data to improve engagement and productivity at your company.
  • Similarly, collaboration is key. Kane Partners will help you find candidates with strong communication skills — and employees who thrive when working as part of a team. In fact, IT can help bring people together, especially as more people begin working from home.

The IT headhunters want to help you find the best possible employees and find the employees best for the present-day job opportunities. Contact us to learn more.

Dependable IT Headhunter in Philadelphia

Is your firm looking to fill an IT position but having a hard time finding the talent? Trust the most reliable IT headhunter in Philadelphia to provide the perfect candidate for the job. Kane Partners is in the businesses of locating IT talent for companies unable to fill their vacancies.

It’s difficult for a company to gain momentum, or continue moving in the right direction, when essential positions within the firm are not filled. If you’ve spend too much time and resources filling your IT position, or you just can’t find the talent you need, turn your search over to Kane Partners and we’ll find the candidate for your open position.

What do you look for in an IT Headhunter?

To start, you’ll want to partner with an agency with a proven track record and a proven process for matching candidates with corporations; this is something Kane Partners is recognized for throughout the region. If you’re not familiar with our 10-step hiring process, we invite you to take a closer look at our recruiting method.

It starts with your company providing our team with the opportunity of getting to understand your company and your specific hiring needs and requirements. We’ll want to know as much as possible about the open positions and what sort of skill sets and experience you’re looking for in a candidate. Spending ample time during this process will save a lot of time later on for all parties involved.

We’ll gather as much detailed information as possible during this initial agreement phase, leaving your company to rest easy knowing that Kane Partners services are contingency based, so you won’t pay a fee unless you hire a candidate. This is a refreshing change from other headhunting firms.

Kane Partners is your Recruiting Team

Your personal IT headhunter will become an extension of your talent acquisition team and will work tirelessly to fill the open positions at your firm. Our primary goals are meeting your needs quickly and efficiently, as well as placing you with a highly qualified candidate.

Kane Partners has built a strong database of top talent in the region and a network that is able to be tapped into at a moment’s notice. This is a tremendous resource for companies that find themselves in a position of struggling to keep essential seats filled in their offices and departments.

Contact an IT headhunter from Kane Partners at 215-699-5500 and let us go to work for you. Make sure you partner with the agency known throughout the region as the top recruiter and headhunter. Contact Kane Partners today.  

*Bureau of Labor Statistics

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