How a Professional Services Recruiter Can Find Qualified, Full-Time Employees

Professional Services RecruiterThere’s a common misconception that staffing agencies primarily hire for temporary positions. However, Kane Partners is a premier professional services recruiter committed to hiring top-notch talent for full-time positions in various industries, such as HR, accounting, finance, and more. With our comprehensive hiring process, you can ensure that you find a candidate with a work ethic, values, and experience that is compatible to your organization’s needs.

Why You Should Count on Kane Partners for Full-Time Employment

Our professional services recruiters at Kane Partners are equipped with top industry knowledge, effective recruiting methods, and a vast network of professionals to connect with your company. We take pride in our in-depth hiring process that helps clients successfully find top-notch professionals for their organization. Our clients can expect an exceptional level of communication and attention to detail from our team, as we work to find candidates through guidelines and expectations that you set forth with us. 

Whether you’re staffing for HR managers, accountants, or marketing specialists, our professional services recruiters can have full-time positions filled in a matter of days. Kane Partners is here to take care of the interview process, screenings, social media networking, and additional hiring practices with the supervision of our clients. Save yourself the time and energy that comes with the complex phases of recruitment by speaking with our expert recruiters.

“According to a CareerBuilder survey, companies lost an average of $14,900 on every bad hire in the last year, and it’s a common mistake — nearly three in four employers (74 percent) say they’ve hired the wrong person for a position.”*

What Industries Do We Help You Hire For?

Let’s go over some professional industries in the United States that need full-time staffing.


The Human Resources department of your company is absolutely critical for handling workplace conflicts, training processes, benefits, and employee recruitment. HR can’t operate without quality workers, and an organization can’t operate without a fully-staffed team of HR professionals. Kane Partners is more than happy to assist you with finding HR candidates that are dedicated to compassionate communication, exemplifying leadership in the workplace, and taking action with a strong ethical foundation.


Seeing as most businesses cannot survive without solid streams of profit, a business without accountants is prone to losing out on all of its profitability and financial security. Having a team of knowledgeable accountants that expertly organize financial data, track how much revenue your business generates, and ensure that all taxes are paid on time is beyond crucial to the success of your organization. With our premier professional services recruiter, you can make sure that our hiring process verifies a potential candidate’s accounting skills, financial data management, and analysis abilities.


If your company’s objectives expand into the greater financial industry, turn to Kane Partners for full-time candidates that meet your company’s qualifications and standards. Finding proficient finance workers, whether they’re financial advisors or actuaries, will require a detailed process that cannot be applied to any other industry. Whether you’re looking for a data scientist or a financial planner, our team has compatible industry knowledge and a network of professionals to find you the employees you need.


Office managers, secretaries, and executive assistants are just a few examples of key administrative positions that keep businesses running smoothly and efficiently. The organization, scheduling, and staff management abilities of administrative employees keep operations afloat in any industry. If you find your company short-staffed and need administrative roles filled quickly, the recruiters at Kane Partners can find excellent candidates who have the experience and skills to bring immense value to your business.


The marketing industry is an ever-changing landscape abundant with new opportunities, new marketing technologies, and strategic innovation. Finding a marketing professional, whether they’re skilled at brand management or content creation, is best done with the professional services recruiters at Kane Partners. A qualified marketer possesses a unique skillset that encompasses creative instincts, innovation, and a strategic marketing mindset.

For big and small businesses alike, Kane Partners provides expertise to the hiring process; ensuring that your company quickly fills full-time positions with qualified candidates. Don’t hesitate to give us a call and let us know about your organization’s hiring needs, and we’ll be more than happy to walk you through how our team can help you find exceptional talent.

*Career Builder Survey, 2017

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