Our Staffing Promise to Clients and Candidates

Our promise is to you, the client.

“Through honest and ethical business practices, Kane Partners LLC provides world class staffing solutions to the Information Technology and Engineering communities. We provide an efficient and cost effective means to match our client’s needs with highly skilled candidates “  

Our mission is our driving force. We believe in, support, and closely follow this mission which allows Kane Partners LLC to raise the bar in the staffing industry. We are always striving to better ourselves and our services to you, never settling for second best.

Kane Partners’ LLC internal structure is team. Together we focus on all aspects of the staffing process. This collaborative foundation drives our company to continued growth and success. We are proud to adhere to a set of values that are fundamental to building a positive work environment, our company’s success and the success of our clients.

Kane Partners Core Value’s:

  • Integrity:  Integrity is ingrained in what we believe and more importantly what we practice. In the staffing industry it is important we properly represent both our clients and candidates. In our option that requires a team that is built on integrity.  At Kane Partners we will act with integrity and honesty in everything we do. Our clients expect it, we demand it.
  • Quality: In order to provide our clients with top level quality candidates we have crafted our 10 Step Staffing Process. This process allows us to pre-screen candidates offering our client access to top level quality in their requirements. Our proof is in our results, we average a 2:1 submittal to interview ratio. At Kane Partners, we strive to provide the best quality in our industry. No question.
  • Team: Unlike many other recruiting firms Kane Partners internal staff and process has team at its core. We work with one another to find our clients the best talent. At Kane Partners, we want an environment that is positive where people will enjoy working.  We will operate as a team where accountability, trust and cooperation will flourish.

We promise to incorporate our values in all aspects of our service to ensure that it is always world class and cost effective.