About Kane Partners Staffing

Philly 100 Winner - Kane PartnersHow do you build trust? 

You deliver on expectations. Not for a year. Not just during boom times. But every day. For weeks. For months. For decades. 

It’s how Kane Partners has evolved into a premier full-service Philadelphia-based staffing firm over the course of fifteen years. 

Kane Partners, a Philadelphia based staffing firm, offers the best staffing solutions for Information Technology, Engineering and Manufacturing. We also staff for other industries including Sales & Marketing, Accounting & Finance and Administrative personnel. 

Founder Gary Kane and the management team each possess over 25 years of experience in the staffing industry specializing in IT, Engineering and Manufacturing Recruiting. Kane Partners is equipped with a depth of knowledge of the challenges, trends and intangibles that make us your best partner for staffing solutions. 

Experience and Integrity. 

We believe that human resources should be human

Companies don’t hire a resume. They hire a person. 

Companies also don’t hire a staffing firm to be an applicant tracking system. To find the best candidate for a client – or to match a client to a better position, Kane Partners goes deeper. 

We collaborate with hiring managers to understand the open position. 

We engage with candidates to learn about their career path. 

We tap into our cultivated network. 

This enables us to deliver quality candidates. Our 2:1 submittal to interview ratio is well above standard. As relationships develop and our knowledge of a client expands, it sinks to 1.5:1.

 At Kane Partners, we know that when it comes to staffing quality matters and so does time. 

 An unfilled position can lead to a disruption in productivity, revenue and opportunity. 

We put the best candidates for the job in front of you – faster. Our responsiveness and communication allows the job search process to continue to move smoothly through all phases. 

When you need to find top technical talent, time and experience matter.