New Year, New You – 10 Ways to Bolster Your Career Skills

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Great Time to Take Stock in your Career

The New Year is underway and many people are trying to stick to the resolutions they pledged as the ball dropped in Times Square. Most people try to exercise more or attempt to cut back on bad eating habits, but the new year is also a great time to get yourself in position to bolster your overall career skills.

The following are ten ways in which you can increase your status as an attractive and sought after hire when looking for your next adventure.

Practice & Hone your Strengths

Are you a good writer? Do you have professional coding skills? These are both abilities that can grow over time, but can also wane when out of practice. Continually challenge yourself to write every day or take on a small development project here and there. This will force you to stay sharp, read up on new trends, and most importantly increase your confidence.

If someone approaches you about a new job offer, you will look them right in the eyes and say “I’m qualified.”

Beef up your Résumé

This document is a reflection on you. If it does not look professional, you will give off the impression that you lack attention to detail. Many people have not looked at their résumé in months or years, so it’s always good to keep it up to date and sharp. Start the new year off by giving yourself peace of mind – “my résumé is complete and impressive.”

Ask for Recommendations on LinkedIn

Maybe you had a spectacular year in 2015 and are looking to prove that you are a top notch candidate. Make it a point to spend some time and effort to ask for recommendations on your LinkedIn profile. Many people would be happy to endorse you, but don’t think to do so. If you had asked someone previously who offered to help, remind them again if they have forgotten. Always try to let your work do the talking, but a few five-star ratings here and there can’t hurt!

Improve your Social Media profiles and Add New Ones

There are so many social media profiles to be claimed it can be dizzying. Most people just use the standard options such as Facebook and Twitter. But in some cases, there are niche-specific profiles that you can set up that let you get a better and more niche-specific web presence. For example – if you are a developer, are you on Github? If you’re a designer, are you taking advantage of Behance? Many of these sites allow you to stand out and shine in a specific industry. Spend some time looking around for the best option for you.

career skills Clean or Change Your Work Area

Over time things can get pretty messy and disorganized around your workspace. Notes are everywhere, files and folders aren’t in the right place, and new gadgets aren’t setup properly. Point your desk so that you are facing an open area rather than a wall. Some people have even tried a standing desk to shake things up. After some solid organization, you can feel more motivated and potentially increase your working efficiency when you have a lot on your plate.

Stay Aggressive on the Job Hunt

Many people go through long stretches of unemployment. It happens to the best of us. But are you truly putting in that extra effort to get your portfolio in front of the right people? If you were sending out five résumés per day, make it ten. If you were scanning three job boards, make it six. The new year is a time to change your attitude, too.

Take on a Mentor

Some people reach a roadblock in their career, where it feels that they simply are not improving or seem to lack any real change from month to month. Maybe it’s time to invest in yourself by approaching and hiring a mentor. If you get really lucky, someone might take you under their wing for free. In many cases, you can start the year off with a bang when you have someone giving you solid direction or advice that can shave months off of your level of advancement.

Take One Person to Lunch Every Week for a Few Weeks

Sure, you might have to open you wallet, but if you allocate some funds to have a sit-down lunch with your employer, manager, sidekick, business partner, or intern, you can sometimes learn a lot about your working relationship. A one hour lunch can give you a ton of information so that you can make critical changes to your work structure in 2016.

Wardrobe Overhaul

The new year can be a time for a new look. Have you recently been promoted to a managerial position? Are you the owner of a brand new company? It might be time to step out of the sweatshirt and jeans and into something more professional. When you are out in public, you never know who you might encounter, and having the right look sends off the signal that you walk the walk, not just talk the talk.

Never Give Up

When the first of February rolls around, most people have already failed their resolution! If you are really serious about bolstering your career, then you’ll want to live and breathe your new habits every day. If you are looking for a job, keep going. Persistence will pay off.


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