A motivated and enthused workplace is essential to your business’s productivity and efficiency. Each talented member of an organization, no matter what their industry, is continually progressing on a daily basis. What keeps a top-performing worker inspired to meet goals and produce results? Let’s take a look at a few common motivators that are effective in the workplace.

Consistent Feedback and Appreciation

If your organization does not have a structured feedback system for managers and their direct reports, then it’s best to prioritize implementing one. A consistent stream of feedback, both in the form of criticism and appreciation, is critical to informing team members where they can improve and where they are excelling. Creating this platform, for two-way feedback especially, contributes to stronger bonds, transparent communication, and greater trust between each individual in the workplace. According to BetterUp, high-trust companies experience 74% less stress.

Continued Development Opportunities

Training doesn’t have to stop after an employee’s first three or so months with your company. A quality worker who has hopes of ascending in positions will likely be interested in learning new skills and taking on new responsibilities that a more advanced position would be responsible for. Investing in the upward mobility that your employees seek is crucial to their development as they continue producing results and meeting project goals. Implementing new training sessions and even shadow work will go a long way to keeping workers inspired.

Rewarding Hard Work

It goes without saying that a diligent and ambitious worker should be rewarded for producing quality results and making great contributions to the team. Salary increases, extra vacation days, and major promotions are excellent ways to keep employees inspired to continue excelling in their duties. Consider minor incentives like gifts, referral bonuses, and other personalized rewards to motivate members of the company. Straightforward incentives go a long way in making employees feel like their work is appreciated.

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