The Best Job Placement Recruitment Agency 

At Kane Partners, candidates are more than a resume. Applicant tracking systems cannot truly decipher career goals and internal motivations. You have a job. You want a career path with an organization that truly values all you have to offer. 

Top companies in the Mid-Atlantic region and beyond have IT, Engineering and Manufacturing positions open. Kane Partners has formed relationships with many of these companies which allows us to match candidates to better opportunities. We often fill roles that are unadvertised.  

An enjoyable work environment is more than fresh brewed coffee and a ping pong table. Being valued for your commitment, opportunities for advancement, and a work/life balance are key indicators to consider when weighing your next opportunity. 

For decades, the best IT, Engineering and Manufacturing technical talent have trusted Kane Partners staffing services. We remain committed to providing candidates with responsive, executive-level attention. We go deeper than the resume to find the best fit for you. Where do you want to be at this point in your career? Where do you want to be in five years? What type of work environment do you prefer?

You don’t have to navigate your career path alone. Candidates rely on Kane Partners as their job placement recruitment agency to be their advocate when choosing their next opportunity. We provide candidates with:

  • Career Counseling for Current Opportunities
  • Interview Preparation for our Client
  • Salary and Benefits Negotiations
  • Resume Critique
  • Timely Feedback
  • We walk you through the process from introduction to our client, accepting the offer and transitioning into the new role

Candidate FAQs

As a candidate working with Kane Partners, do you submit my resume everywhere?

Kane Partner’s wants to connect the right candidates with the right organizations. We believe in quality over quantity. Our staffing experts consider candidates for ALL positions that match their skill set. However, we NEVER submit your resume without permission. 

Is there a fee for candidates? 

No. As a contingency based/retained firm our placement services are paid by the client company. 

What should I do if I get a counteroffer from my current company? 

Consider why you were open to seeking a new opportunity. Have any of those factors been addressed? If they have not and you are simply accepting a counteroffer because it’s more money, be prepared for the harsh facts. Surveys estimate that 75% to 85% of employees who accept a counteroffer end up leaving, voluntarily or involuntarily, within one year. Here’s the real truth about counteroffers.