Kane Partners Solves Employment Challenges

Beyond a job description. More in-depth than an application tracking system. Buried in a stack of resumes.

For the sliver of candidates who match your needs, there is a staffing firm who is able to make the match. Kane Partners goes deeper to find the best candidate for the job and the perfect fit for your organization’s culture. We’ve been in the business for over 25 years, and our client and relationship commitment has never been stronger.

Top companies in the Mid-Atlantic region and nationally trust Kane Partners to provide recruitment strategies to attract clients and candidates from around the region. It takes a desire to listen and a tenacity to dig deeper. A standard of excellence that comes with a strong commitment to honesty, integrity and understanding client’s needs.

President Gary Kane and the senior partners possess decades of experience working closely with top information technology, engineering, manufacturing and professional services companies. Each client receives executive level attention from Kane Partner’s staffing experts. From the beginning of the partnership, we engage with clients to gain a better understanding of the organization’s staffing needs, work environment and culture.


Unfilled positions are costly. They represent countless hours spent of human capital by human resources reviewing resumes, lost opportunity, and a possible decrease in productivity and revenue. The wrong hire can be just as expensive. 

Kane Partners network, access to active and passive candidates, and market knowledge allow us to find the best Information Technology, Engineering and Manufacturing talent fast.  

By digging into the job description we get to know the real “why” of the job description.

Understanding the “why” leads us to the perfect “who.”

Kane Partner’s submittal to interview ratio is 2:1. A ratio well above industry standard that demonstrates our commitment to quality over quantity. As relationships develop and our knowledge of a client expands, the ratio dips even lower.

A higher caliber of candidates translates into a new team member who is often ready to hit the ground running on day one with an eye toward future advancements.

With an advanced network and extensive industry knowledge, Kane Partners will fill your open roles quickly.

Kane Partners prides itself on quality over quantity, which is made evident by our submittal-to-interview ratio. 

Kane Partners offers world-class staffing solutions for your business.

The recruiters at Kane Partners have decades of industry-specific experience.