Need to hire or staff your project?

Let us help.

Kane Partners has over 30 years working directly with hiring managers.  Our experience continues to show us time and time again – the stronger our relationship and understanding of your team – the better our results!

Getting started is easy. It’s a phone call to Gary Kane at 215-699-5500.

During your call you will discuss the following:

  1. The job you are trying to fill.
  2. The dynamics of your current team.
  3. Why your company is great to work for.
  4. The timeline.

Don’t be surprised if Gary invites a couple team members to join the call. Our success is your success. At Kane Partners- we always take a team approach to solving your hiring needs.

Oh, we are often asked… “How do you get paid?”

Most of our engagements are contingent, which means we get paid only when you hire a candidate we introduce to you. Our fee is a percent of the person’s annual salary.

We also offer retained services.

Like what you see? Call Gary at 215-699-5500 or fill out the form to the right.


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