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Employment is much like the stock market. There are ups and downs, ebbs and flows, but one thing is always certain: there are always employers out there hiring and there are always candidates out there searching. 

At Kane Partners, we have our pulse on the Philadelphia area employment and job news and trends. Stay updated on current events on the employment front and how they impact your job search or your candidate search.

Job Market Outlook

There are many indicators that can both negatively and positively impact the job market. From an employer’s perspective, when times are down and unemployment figures rise, it sometimes has an inverse effect on recruiting. 

When trends like this occur, despite the high unemployment numbers, it usually keeps job searchers at bay in their current position because of the fear of switching companies and possibly facing a layoff if things go south at their new employer. 

Many factors can impact the job market such as the economy and current events.  

How a Recruiter Can Benefit You

Whether you are a business or an individual, working with a recruiter can certainly benefit your ability to land a job or land the top candidate.

For the individual searching for a new job or a new career, working with a recruiter can open doors and opportunities that may not be available to the individual searching on their own. 

Recruiters sometimes know the hidden market through their connections and network. Recruiters are sometimes in the know of job opportunities that may not be listed or posted.  

For companies, the benefits of a recruiter can be fruitful. In addition to saving your organization time and resources searching candidates, recruiters become an extension of your team. They develop a knowledge of your business, staff, and culture, as well as an understanding of the type of individual your team needs.

Work with Kane

Whether you are an individual or a business, work with Kane Partners. We keep an eye on the employment news and trends, and work directly with you on your next recruit or job search. 

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