While 60% of recruiters highly value how a potential employee will fit in with the company culture, the candidate is thinking similarly, according to Capterra. In fact, the best staffing agency will tell any hiring manager that company culture and work-life balance are two top priorities for today’s workforce! If you are a manager of an engineering, IT, or manufacturing company, then here are tips for encouraging your employees to improve their work-life balance.

Taking Time Off

In order to be more productive at work, employees need to rest and de-stress outside of their working hours. A major aspect of this is taking time off for vacations, family time, medical appointments, and mental health days. By encouraging employees to plan their time off when they need it, your workforce can become a happier place where people aren’t overworked and tired all the time. Plus, when time off is utilized company-wide, you can better plan and delegate so everyone can enjoy it without worrying about coming back and having to catch up.

Company-Wide Events

The best staffing agency will tell you that planning company-wide events where employees can mingle, share a meal, and meet peers from other departments is crucial for improving workplace culture. When employees have the opportunity to learn more about each other, they will care about their peers. Workers may check up on each other, which creates an environment where employees care about one another. When this happens, they’ll be more likely to enjoy their life at work.

Flexibility and Routine

Work-life balance involves creating a healthy routine. Every individual is different, so your employees may have different ideas of what their own ideal routine looks like. Because of this, if it’s possible, provide some flexibility for your employees. Can they work from home? Do they have to work a strict 9 AM – 5 PM shift? Can they leave work for appointments as needed? When you provide employees flexibility and the opportunity to create a routine that works best for them, they will enjoy their job more and be more productive when it is time to work.

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