More and more companies are beginning to understand the importance of diversity in the workplace. For example, did you know that companies with an ethnically diverse workforce outcompete other companies by 35% when it comes to earnings in their industry, according to Capterra? Additionally, three out of four employees prefer to work for a diverse company, according to Zippia, so it’s more than worth it to adjust your hiring practices to hire for diversity. Here are some ways the best staffing agencies do this.

Audit Job Ads

If your hiring efforts have been in-house in the past, one of the first things the best staffing agencies will do is audit your job ads. Most hiring managers and department heads don’t realize how the language used in job ads can be geared toward a specific demographic and experience level, but headhunters do! They’ll be able to find ways to use more inclusive language that will speak to a wider variety of candidates from diverse backgrounds.

Target Sources With a Diverse Talent Pool

Unlike internal hiring managers, the best staffing agencies don’t just wait for candidates to come to them after seeing job postings online. Instead, they go out and target different sources where they’re likely to find quality candidates. A great example of this would be the IT industry. There are various online (and offline) groups for women in technology. Your headhunter will use these sources to connect directly with experienced female candidates, rather than hoping they see and respond to a job ad.

Encourage Diverse Referrals

The best staffing agencies have a large pool of diverse candidates they have worked with and found placements for in the past. Building and maintaining relationships with these candidates is incredibly important to headhunters. One of the reasons why is that these diverse candidates have a large diverse network of friends, family, and past coworkers. When your headhunter is looking to source diverse candidates for your open position, they’ll reach out to their connections and ask for referrals. This is why headhunters put such a strong focus on making connections. As you can see from the statistics mentioned earlier, hiring for diversity will help you outcompete other companies in your industry as well as attract a larger number of interested candidates to your open position. If you’re in need of an IT headhunter, manufacturing recruiter, or mechanical engineering headhunter, get in touch with us today at Kane Partners. We can’t wait to help your company hire for diversity.