Find the Right Recruiter for your Job Search

Have you ever seen the videos where celebrities interview each other by answering the questions people Google about them most frequently?  It’s hilarious.

It got us thinking, what do people google about recruiters?  So we did a bit of research and you’d be surprised by the variety of crazy things people Google in reference to recruiters and recruiting.

One of the most popular searches is “Why use a recruiter to find a job?”

Great question right?

We totally understand why this question gets asked frequently especially because not everyone is familiar with the recruitment process.  We decided to explore 3 reasons why using a recruiter to help you find a job is beneficial.

Using a recruiter saves you time

Applying to jobs takes TIME.

Time is something that we don’t have a lot of nowadays.  If you apply to 10 different positions you have to customize your resume, write a cover letter, and fill out any additional questions required on a company website just to get your resume in a pile of hundreds of others for a single position.  No wonder it takes weeks and sometimes months to hear back from companies.

When you work with a recruiter the process is streamlined because we bypass the online portal drama and extensive research into why you may want to apply to the job. We are in direct contact with hiring managers and can get your resume in their hands in a matter of hours.

Not only does your resume get reviewed but it gets to the hiring manager directly.  We get feedback and interview requests faster because we have the relationship.  Which means you don’t have to wait around to find out if you are a good fit for the position or not.  Yes, we wait too, but we also are in constant communication.

using a recruiter

Recruiters know “the hidden market”

This might come as a surprise but companies don’t list all of their open jobs on their website.  Either they don’t want to or many are confidential.  In those instances companies reach out to recruiters like us to discreetly fill the positions.

So what if a company has the perfect opportunity for you, but you never even know it’s available?

That’s a situation that you can easily avoid by having a working relationship with a recruiter, who has their ear to the ground and often knows when positions will be available before they are officially opened.

It’s FREE, at least at Kane Partners

Often people call us confused about how the recruitment process works, and asking if they owe us money for helping them find a job.  The answer is no.  The client company pays us, the staffing agency, when we place you at their company.  That does not come out of your pay and the terms are negotiated before we even speak with you. The long and short: when a company calls to fill an open position, and when we fill it the company pays us a fee.  If we don’t fill it we don’t get paid.  As you can imagine we are motivated to help find the right fit for both parties.

That’s it, short and simple, 3 reasons why you should use a recruiter to help you find your next job.

Why do you use a recruiter?