Have you noticed anxiety, bursts of anger, or loss of motivation in your employees? What about an increase in sick days being used or a drop in work performance? These are all signs of stress in your employees — but you can help relieve this stress! An employee benefits study by MetLife found that 40% of employees believe that increased recruitment by their organization would decrease their workplace stress. However, many hiring managers and department heads aren’t aware of the best recruiting methods. Here are a few ways a staffing agency can help with your hiring efforts to reduce employees’ stress.

1. Take Advantage of Social Media

According to Brandwatch, 38% of organizations plan on spending more than 20% of their total advertising budgets on social media this year, and for good reason! Chances are, your company already has a social media presence that you’ve spent time and money creating, so why not take advantage of it for your hiring efforts? A staffing agency can help you craft the perfect social media posts to find qualified candidates for your open position.

2. Streamline Your Application Process

When a person is applying for a job, filling out page after page of an application can quickly turn into a barrier or discourage the candidate from completing the application altogether. After all, almost all the information you’ll need is in the person’s resume or cover letter. To get the best possible candidates for your open position, your staffing agency will work with you to create a seamless application process that will include more engaging conversations between candidates and the recruiter, and the recruiter and you, rather than piles of paperwork.

3. Let Your Recruiter Sell the Job

While some hiring managers and department heads leave 100% of hiring up to their staffing agency, others like to be more involved in the process. Be sure to clearly communicate with your staffing agency what your expectations are and how involved you’d like to be. Even if you’d like to be more hands-on, make sure you leave the sell to your recruiter. The sell is the final part of the hiring process where the recruiter speaks about your company in such a way that it sells the candidate on the idea of working for you. When your recruiter is selling the job, they’ll be highlighting your company’s perks and benefits, opportunities for career growth and advancement, and the overall culture.

Whether you are aware or not, your employees will always feel the stress of being understaffed. The number one way to reduce the stress of your employees is by improving your recruiting process with the help of a staffing agency. Give us a call today at Kane Partners to get started hiring and reducing your employees’ stress levels.