For most companies, it’s not always clear when they need to start hiring. Many businesses take the reactive approach and start hiring as they lose employees. However, there are much better ways to know when you need to start using headhunters to staff. Luckily, with the unemployment rate at a real rate of 18%, according to our experts, your recruiting and staffing agency will have no trouble finding qualified candidates. Take the proactive approach to ensure you always have the staff you need by starting your recruitment efforts with a staffing agency when you feel you align with any of the situations below.

When You’re Losing Time

As a hiring manager, department head, or HR manager, you have a lot on your plate. If you find yourself ending your workday with unfinished work consistently or bringing your work home with you, you are probably wasting your valuable time on tasks that can be handled by other staff. After all, wouldn’t your time be better spent working on a new product, developing growth strategies, or some other project that will help your company grow and succeed?

When Your Customer Service Is Suffering

Customer service is at top of the mind for most companies. If you’ve noticed an influx of customer complaints, it could be a sign of an insufficient workforce. After all, it’s fairly easy for customers to fall through the cracks or for inquiries to go unacknowledged with a small team. When your team is struggling to provide upstanding customer service, it’s time to start using headhunters to staff up your company.

When Your Staff Is Overworked

It doesn’t take much effort to determine if your staff is overworked. Are you noticing work slipping through the cracks? Have stress levels increased? Have you noticed a lack of attention to detail recently? Are employees requesting PTO or calling out more than usual? You shouldn’t ignore these red flags. These are all classic signs that your staff is overworked, and it would be wise to start using headhunters to staff.

Hiring is one of the best ways to help your business grow. However, you should keep your budget in mind and ensure your company can afford to pay your new hires. Ramping up hiring can lead to a quick increase in sales, but there may be a lull period as your new hires get trained up on your company’s policies and procedures. If your company is experiencing any of the situations noticed above, get in touch with us today at Kane Partners and take advantage of using headhunters to staff.