IT, food and beverage, engineering, and manufacturing recruiting firms will tell you that building trust in any workplace is the best way to improve day-to-day functions as well as employee retention. In fact, according to BetterUp, companies with high levels of trust experience 74% less stress. But how can you curate a company culture that values trust? Here are some tips to get your HR team started.

Create an Honest Environment

“Honesty is the best policy” is a saying for a reason. When employees feel safe enough to tell the truth, you’ll actually save your company time and money. Honesty leads to mistakes and issues being caught and corrected before they snowball.

However, honesty doesn’t just go one way. Managers and supervisors need to be as honest as employees are by admitting when they make mistakes, too. Manufacturing recruiting firms understand the importance of honesty and trust in a work environment, so they’ll find you employees that match these values as long as you hold your own end of the bargain.

Promote Caring Relationships

One of the best ways to build trust in your workplace is by establishing relationships where colleagues care about each other personally. Is there an employee break room with comfortable furniture and a variety of snacks so workers can come together and talk about their days? Are there opportunities for overlapping breaks so workers can talk to each other about their evening plans with their families?

When you give employees opportunities to get to know each other personally, they’ll care about one another more. This leads to better friendships and partnerships in the workplace, which enhances trust and improves work performance.

Encourage Helpfulness

Whether you run an IT, food and beverage, engineering, or manufacturing firm, being a helpful colleague or manager will help create a trusting atmosphere in the workplace. Many workers won’t expect their supervisor to help out on the floor, but when help is needed, it’s best when all hands are on deck. When everyone gets their hands dirty together, a culture of trust slowly builds.

As you can see, building trust in the workplace is vital for employee happiness and retention. Engineering, IT, and manufacturing recruiting firms will assure you that this is the best way to grow your business, as new recruits will be interested in joining a team that trusts and cares about each other. Staff your company with the help of Kane Partners, one of the best staffing agencies in Philadelphia, today!