According to Clockify, while most employees deem time off important, about 46% of American workers do not utilize their paid time off (PTO). Why is this? Many workers feel a sense of guilt for using their time off to go on a trip, relax, or spend time with loved ones. Fortunately, how our society views PTO is gradually changing. However, any staffing agency service will tell you that it’s up to employers to provide adequate PTO and to encourage workers to utilize it. Here’s why.

Encouraging Employees

Forbes reports a few staggering statistics:

  • 72% of U.S. workers feel burned out at work
  • Using PTO can reduce stress and boost productivity by 80%
  • Male employees tend to use their PTO 33% more than their female counterparts
  • 19% of female workers report feeling less comfortable taking PTO than males

Engineering, IT, and manufacturing headhunters will tell you that encouraging all employees to use their PTO is in their best interest. If you notice that women within your company are mirroring the statistics above, it’s important to take action. Showing all employees that their time off is well-earned will boost morale and demonstrate that you care for their well-being.

Enticing Candidates

Did you know that 60% of IT, engineering, and manufacturing headhunters, among other professions, value how a potential employee will match with a company’s culture above all other prerequisites? As the leader of your business, you may value how employees mesh with how you run your company, but candidates are testing your business to see if it’s worth their time, too. A major incentive for potential employees includes adequate PTO.

Enhancing Productivity

According to Entrepreneur, there are three big ways that employee productivity can be improved by the usage of PTO. First, it stimulates employee innovation. Time off can help workers relax, recharge, and come back to work with fresh eyes. Second, it allows a business to assess work performance; if a department is struggling when an employee goes on vacation for a week, for example, hiring an additional worker may be the best solution. Third, using PTO allows employees to be away from work and reduce the chances of burnout. Work stress can accumulate over time, leading to mistakes.

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