As a business owner, you understand the importance of productivity and how its consistency in your workplace bolsters your company’s success. However, non-stop working is not sustainable, and it might be a detractor for those interested in joining your workforce. Here’s why leaving space for your employees to wind down during the day fosters a supportive and productive work environment.

A Balanced Workplace Matters to Job-Seekers

Keeping a watchful eye over your employees to make sure they are fulfilling all of their tasks in a timely manner can create a stressful, pressure-filled environment for all parties. It’s critical for your employees’ health that they have flexibility. According to the National Library of Medicine, flexible scheduling reduces job-related stress by 20% and increases satisfaction by 62%. Especially in a work-from-home world that has only grown in the last few years, flexibility is a major pro that job-seekers prioritize in their potential new employer. Keep this in mind while you’re in the process of recruiting and staffing.

Dispel Negative Associations and Discover Positive Associations

It’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking that downtime is an opportunity for an employee to shirk their responsibilities and waste time that could be used to make a profit. However, it’s important to understand that downtime takes many forms. Having space for downtime in the day allows employees to bond with one another, refuel their creative tank, or simply re-energize for the rest of their day. Remember that not all downtime is created equal, and it’s important to differentiate when a worker has poor time management that results in unhelpful breaks and slacking off.

A Small Optimization That Makes a Big Productivity Difference

Time to recharge allows employees to re-focus their efforts on producing quality work rather than producing a large quantity as efficiently as possible. Though efficiency is an essential tool for an organization, it hinders more than helps if workers feel that they’re only valued for the speed of their output. A satisfied team that feels valued will provide work of a higher value, too.

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