Hiring in itself can be an arduous process, even when utilizing a recruiter staffing agency. When looking for new employees in specialized fields such as information technology, it can become even more difficult to sort through the field. About 30% of recruiters in a survey reported great difficulty in finding candidates with the right qualifications, making it the second most stressful part of the recruitment process. Companies’ hesitation in making an offer to a candidate, though, is the biggest stressor, having 35% of survey respondents report as being their primary source of stress. Communication is key to finding a qualified candidate.

Their Understanding of Programming

You should be sure to ask about their experience in specific programs like Python and JavaScript. While the best staffing agency will rule this out, asking will ensure that you or your IT headhunter are speaking with the right candidates. You should be looking for candidates who show a desire to learn new languages if they are not quite proficient in everything your company requires. Hearing them speak about their experience will let you know if they are right for the position and culture of the company.

What Will They Bring to the Company?

This sort of position requires a certain level of accountability. IT headhunters want to make sure that your new employee will be able to implement their best work with your systems. Maintenance and monitoring of the current system should be discussed, but listen for strong answers that focus on installing new programs. Learn what they think the position will be responsible for, and how they can make it better.

You may want to ask about their previous experience in information technology, but know what to watch out for. They should be focused on how they improved the company in their previous position. Whether that be through gaining stakeholders or securing sites through proven metrics, you want a proactive employee.

Listen to Their Experiences

Once the candidate has gone through a recruiter staffing agency, you will want to hear specifically how they will contribute to your company. What methods and strategies will they use? How will this show up in the overall health of the company? Listen for mentions of problem-solving and eliminating time-wasting. If project management will be a large part of the position, ensure that they have experience.

Let your IT headhunters know about the values and expectations of the company. Being honest with your future employees will make all hiring practices easier. Expect great results, and you will receive great results.