It’s no surprise that the information technology (IT) industry is continually growing. As technology continues to grow and expand, more and more industries are finding IT teams extremely helpful. More companies are learning that hiring a designated IT worker or team is beneficial in the long run, as IT professionals are well-versed in all things tech.

Learn more about how the IT industry is growing, why you need to keep up as a company manager, and how IT headhunters can help your business flourish by finding top IT talent for your company.

Growth In 2022 and Beyond

According to CompTIA, in 2020, the information technology industry globally was paced to reach $5.2 trillion. Now, in 2022, this number is higher. It’s important to note, too, that the United States hosts the largest technology market in the world, so it’s not surprising that growth is expected in 2022 and beyond as well. Information technology professionals see this growth, too. CompTIA reports that 86% of IT professionals in the United States rate their outlook as “very good” or “fairly good.”

Why Is This Growth Needed?

Growth in the information technology industry has created more opportunities in terms of jobs. For example, since the COVID-19 pandemic hit in March 2020, many businesses decided to make the change to working remotely for the safety of their workers. Because of this, the need for technology experts has risen. Depending on size, a small company may need one or two IT workers while bigger companies may need entire teams dedicated to improving a company’s use of technology and helping workers through technological issues. Plus, when businesses move to a remote or hybrid work style, that means all of a business’s protected information is in the homes of workers. IT workers assist with keeping confidential company information protected, which is a major role to maintain.

More companies are also using cloud and service-based IT performance. Using “clouds” to host business information and operations requires more IT workers to manage them. As businesses throughout the country also work to be more eco-friendly in their practices, using technology has become more important than ever. IT professionals are becoming more relevant in maintaining these modern work styles.

IT Hiring Trends

Hiring within the IT industry isn’t as easy as you think despite its growth. IT professionals are not looking to work for sloppy companies that don’t have a grasp on technology. Instead, those in the information technology field want to work for companies that embrace:

    • Company culture. Working in an environment that focuses on building the career of its employees is crucial. Workers want to feel heard and be heard. In fact, 80% of millennial new hires question how they’ll fit into the culture of the business recruiting them.
    • Diversity and accessibility. A lack of diversity is a critical issue in many industries, IT included. Companies must put effort into creating diverse, accessible workplaces.
    • Flexibility. As stated above, the pandemic caused many companies to try out remote or hybrid work models. IT workers are now looking for workplaces that are flexible in how they allow their employees to work.
    • Fair pay. If you need IT workers, you must be prepared to pay for experts in the field.
    • Reputation. 69% of job seekers claim that they would not accept a job at a company that holds a bad reputation. Such workers would rather be jobless! This goes to show that reputation truly matters no matter what industry you work in.

Hiring managers must keep these IT hiring trends in mind. Companies that lack good culture, diversity, accessibility, flexibility, fair wages, and a good reputation will have a harder time finding IT professionals to work for them. This industry is chock full of workers who are looking to work for highly reputable companies that embrace and practice modern business practices, so your business must keep up.

Utilizing Information Technology Headhunters

When it comes to finding the right IT professionals for your particular company, it will be difficult without the proper resources. This is where IT headhunters come in. An IT headhunter from a trusted staffing agency has an abundance of knowledge and resources when it comes to hiring within the information technology industry. To find success in the competitive IT hiring market, utilizing IT headhunters will help. Here’s how:

    • IT headhunters are trained as skilled recruiters. They have the know-how to get your company the IT expert or experts you need.
    • An IT headhunter has access to a multitude of job searchers and talent networks, meaning that staffing agencies have resources your company simply doesn’t have access to. You can truly open up your search when you hire an agency with the ability to find top talent in the IT industry.
    • IT headhunters are looking for candidates based on your criteria. This means that you don’t have to use your own time and money to seek talent. You can enjoy peace of mind knowing a staffing agency is on your side, finding talent that you will approve of.
    • An IT headhunter will work quickly and efficiently to find you the IT talent you need. Information technology headhunters have the resources to do so.
    • IT headhunters have extensive knowledge in the field. This is an important quality because they will be able to weed out unqualified candidates and reach out to professionals they think will be a good fit for your company.

Looking Forward

The IT industry’s growth is expected in more ways than one. According to Gartner, global IT spending is projected to reach $4.5 trillion in 2022. This is an increase of 5.1% from 2021. The VP of Gartner commented that there is a newfound focus this year on long-term business success instead of just on the short-term. The pandemic greatly affected this focus, as more companies have been seeing the benefits of technology itself and utilizing the IT market to affect positive change. IT growth is expected to grow by 8.8% in 2023. To keep up with general technology growth, your company may need its own IT team. Having a handful of IT experts at your fingertips will help your business’s technology usage grow and expand in a way that’ll accelerate your position in whatever industry you work in.

Keep in mind that 63% of job openings are newly created positions. If you don’t already have an IT team at your company, you have the opportunity to create such positions this year. Now is the time to hire an IT headhunter at a reliable staffing agency to recruit top talent for your business.

With the help of IT headhunters, your business can attract knowledgeable, hardworking IT professionals who have a passion for whatever industry you work in, whether it is marketing, construction, engineering, or technology itself. A fantastic IT team will help you expand your business’s usage of technology for the better, allowing you to keep up with technology trends that’ll boost your company’s image and allow for better, more modern business practices to be developed. For help finding the IT talent your company needs, reach out to Kane Partners. We are one of the best staffing agency services that’ll help your business grow and prosper in 2022 and beyond.