On average, job seekers spend 11 hours per week searching for the perfect position, according to Capterra. In today’s world, job seekers are willing to continuously search rather than settle for a less-than-ideal position. This is why it’s important for IT headhunters to understand what candidates are looking for in IT jobs. Let’s look at the five characteristics of the ideal information technology position.

1. Flexibility

Technology-driven positions can easily be done in the comfort of one’s home. Between the Covid-19 pandemic and more and more people working from home, many individuals seeking IT jobs will also be looking for this type of flexibility. Aside from where they work, candidates may be interested in companies that allow for flexible job schedules, too, so workers can make time for self-care, medical appointments, family engagements, and more.

2. Tech-Savvy Teams

IT employees are working on a computer throughout the day and using all sorts of technology that needs to be understood by other people in their office or employee network. IT headhunters should keep in mind that these positions are savvy and candidates want to work alongside other tech-savvy people.

3. Access to Technology

Access to technology is important for a job that requires sitting on a computer for the majority of the day. Candidates looking for IT jobs may want a company-supplied laptop or computer for work instead of using their personal devices, particularly if the position allows employees to work at home.

4. Excellent Work Culture

While 60% of recruiters value how a potential employee will fit in with a company’s culture over most other prerequisites, according to Capterra, candidates also deeply care about company culture in today’s work environment. Employees want to feel valued and heard, and candidates will likely ask information technology headhunters about company culture during the interviewing phase.

5. Caring Employers

Alongside company culture is how caring employers come across to candidates. IT positions often work on computers throughout the day, but can also move into management positions within a company, perhaps to manage a group of information technology employees. To continue growth in a company, an employee must feel valued and cared about by their supervisors.

As you can see, candidates for IT jobs are looking for a few key things when it comes to finding a position they’ll do for the long term. IT headhunters should keep these characteristics in mind when reaching out to and interviewing candidates. To learn more about finding the best IT candidates for your own company, contact Kane Partners today!