Technology is always changing, expanding, and progressing. Because of this, IT jobs have evolved as well. Recruiting and staffing agencies are not only looking for IT professionals who have extensive knowledge of technology, but they are also looking for IT workers who have the proper soft skills to perform the job well.

Here are examples of soft skills that information technology headhunters look for in IT job candidates.


Having excellent communication skills is important in any position, but it’s often forgotten about when it comes to jobs in the information technology sector. Many people picture IT workers hunched over their computers all day long. However, this isn’t an accurate representation of an IT job. IT technicians often work alongside others within a company’s information technology department, meaning they work with other IT workers on a daily basis to provide ample support to a business.

Communication is so important because IT workers are responsible for keeping their company safe from cyber attacks, maintaining employee, company, computer system, and network privacy, scheduling network upgrades and maintenance, maintaining records of repairs, and more. IT departments within businesses must communicate on a daily basis to ensure everyone in the company understands best IT practices for optimal performance and security. Without proper communication, information can slip through the cracks and negatively impact a company. This is why information technology headhunters seek IT job candidates who are communicative and ready to work in a team setting.


IT headhunters also look for organized candidates. When it comes to a company’s computer system and network security, its IT department must be aware of possible issues at all times. Without organization, important updates and possible threats can be missed, which can lead to costly consequences. Besides this, IT technicians need to plan ahead to ensure they are efficient and productive throughout their workdays.

An IT headhunter will prioritize information technology candidates who are organized during the application and interview processes and who can prove they are organized while on the job.


Many people don’t think of the information technology industry as a creative one, but this isn’t true! IT technicians must problem-solve and think on their feet on a daily basis. When an IT worker comes across an issue during their workday, they must be able to come up with an innovative, original solution to solve the obstacle they’ve encountered.

IT technicians who display creativity and an eagerness to problem-solve will definitely be sought out by information technology headhunters. Companies want IT workers who won’t have an attitude about coming across an issue that needs solving at work; in fact, it’s a major part of the job! Plus, this skill goes hand-in-hand with communication, as those within an IT department must understand how to communicate with each other effectively to solve a problem.


Finding a creative solution to a problem is one thing, but knowing how and where to find the resources to do so is another. This is why creativity and resourcefulness are two skills that need to be held by an IT technician. Those working in a company’s IT department must know who they can reach out to for support and help, and they also need to know how and where to seek the solution they need. In a way, information technology workers need to understand how to optimize the workspace and employees that they have available to them.

Being both creative and resourceful will make problem-solving easy and even fun, which is why these are important qualities that information technology headhunters are looking for in IT job candidates in 2022 and beyond!


As we’ve covered, communication is a critical skill that every IT worker must have to succeed in the workplace. However, we can’t forget about collaboration skills. When an IT headhunter interviews a candidate for an information technology position, they will ask questions that prompt the candidate to share past experiences and stories about how they’ve collaborated with other workers and teams in past workplaces. But why is this skill so sought after?

In today’s corporate landscape, departments within a company don’t shut each other out. In fact, departments are encouraged to work with one another to ensure that their company is in the best possible position in terms of technology, marketing, finances, and more. This is why workers within IT departments are not only working with each other but are also working alongside colleagues in other departments!

Being collaborative and a team player within your own department is one thing, but being collaborative with workers throughout an entire company is another. Therefore, information technology headhunters seek IT job candidates who are willing to work with anyone in a company. Collaboration is about having the skills to work with others as well as having a positive mindset about it!

Project Management

IT workers are often recruited to help with projects that can help a company expand in terms of its computer systems and networks. Alongside innovative projects, IT technicians work on attaining the best software for their company, training employees on the best technology and security practices in the workplace, troubleshooting various technology-related issues in the workplace, maintaining a log of issues and repairs, ordering new IT equipment for their company, and more. All of these job duties call for the need to be good at managing all of them!

Project management is a forgotten skill when it comes to information technology, as many people don’t realize the range of projects and duties an IT technician has to do on a daily basis. With this in mind, it’s important to understand that information technology headhunters seek IT job candidates who can demonstrate their ability to manage many projects at once.

Time Management

Similar to having project management skills, it is critical that an IT technician has proper time management skills as well. It’s crucial to understand that time management isn’t just about the IT worker; it’s about the company as a whole. A lack of time management can negatively affect productivity and performance in a workplace. Conversely, excellent time management helps employees hit deadlines, improve efficiency office-wide, and produce high-quality work that everyone can be proud of. Plus, good time management helps alleviate stress because everyone knows what they’re working toward and when certain tasks need to be completed in order to be successful.

Every skill listed here is critical in the corporate workplace. If an IT job candidate can demonstrate that they are communicative, organized, creative, resourceful, and collaborative as well as good at managing their tasks and time, an IT headhunter has definitely hit the jackpot!

Did you know that, according to Capterra, 90% of millennials think that a business’s success should be measured by more than just its net profit? A successful business doesn’t just earn a lot of money — a successful business also has hand-picked workers who have the skill sets to effectively work together and outperform their competitors! So, when it comes to information technology headhunters choosing the best IT job candidates, keep this idea in mind. Hiring IT workers isn’t just about their technological skills, it’s also about their soft skills and how they can contribute to a company’s success on a larger scale.