The information technology space is constantly transforming and IT headhunters have to change with the industry. Here’s one example: according to Capterra, 80% of newly hired millennials are concerned with how they’ll fit with the company culture. This was not always such an important consideration, especially in the IT sector. Keep reading to learn more about what an IT headhunter has to keep in mind as hiring trends shift.

Workplace Culture

As mentioned, many of those breaking into the workforce are concerned about their place in the company’s culture. Why is that? A positive culture in the workplace improves productivity, impacts job satisfaction, and actually brings in new recruits. If your company has taken any recent initiatives to improve company culture, make sure to communicate that with your information technology headhunter. This is a great selling point that the recruiters can use during interviews.

Work-From-Home Options

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, remote work has become quite useful. As companies are realizing that their employees can be just as productive from home, many have stuck to the new workflow. Candidates are often searching for work-from-home jobs specifically. They’re more flexible for those who aren’t in the main location of the company or for those who are otherwise homebound. If you offer a remote option, make sure to advertise that with your IT headhunter. If not, provide your headhunter with information that explains the benefits of working in person at the office. This information might save a great candidate!

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Part of workplace culture is the attention that’s paid to diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI). Young, adept candidates are often looking for a company that prides itself on providing resources to disadvantaged employees and candidates. Talk to your information technology headhunters about your recent changes regarding DEI. If you haven’t taken an internal audit of your company’s diversity, it might be time to start! This will help keep you competitive with others in the industry.

While change can be difficult, it’s necessary, especially in the IT industry. The best staffing agency recruiters are up-to-date with recent hiring trends that affect your candidate pool. We have them here at Kane Partners! To get started with your company’s next hiring process, call us today.