If you are seeking IT professionals for your company, it is in your best interest to hire a staffing agency that can seek out promising talent within the information technology industry. Here are a few trends in IT hiring that an information technology headhunter will keep in mind as they find top talent for your company.

IT Professionals Seek Flexibility

When the pandemic began in March 2020, many companies decided to move their operations to a remote or hybrid model. With remote work becoming an option for more and more professionals, IT workers are now seeking jobs that offer this type of flexibility. Remote work allows professionals to plan their days according to their own needs. Information technology headhunters should keep this in mind as they seek out IT professionals for a variety of companies.

Company Culture Has Become a Priority

60% of recruiters value how a potential employee might fit in with the culture of a company above all other prerequisites, and this applies to information technology headhunters as well. Fortunately, IT professionals who are fresh out of college or looking to leave their current job seek companies that focus on culture. There has recently been a spotlight on culture in the workplace; an excellent culture will retain employees and remind them that they are appreciated for their work. When an information technology headhunter finds IT recruits that seek a positive work culture, they are likely to find great matches.

Diversity Counts

Did you know that companies with ethnically diverse workforces outearn other companies by 35% in their respective industry? This statistic rings true for the IT industry as well. According to the Harvard Business Review, to increase diversity in the IT industry, an information technology headhunter must focus on seeking diverse talent from a variety of places. Many young IT professionals are willing to relocate to work in a city or area that values diversity and the goals of workers with all types of backgrounds. The best staffing agencies will keep this in mind during the recruiting and hiring processes.

A knowledgeable staffing agency service understands these trends and will consider them as they seek talent for your company. With young professionals in IT and other industries valuing their work and time, it’s important to understand these trends and how they will affect workplaces now and in the future. Start working with an experienced information technology headhunter by contacting Kane Partners today.