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How can social media impact your job opportunity? In today’s world, businesses are very sensitive to the impacts of social media on their business and their brand. Be aware of your own social media presence and how it may impact your job search.

What Does your Social Media Presence Say About You?

Just as you want your resume to provide a strong initial presence about your professional career, your social media should display a respectable image as well.

Prospective employers will most definitely take a few minutes to review your social media presence during the interview process. Whether it is prior to the initial interview or it’s during the final stages choosing between the top candidates, rest assured they will be taking a look to see the type of person they are potentially bringing onboard.

Before submitting your resume and job application, take a moment to review your social media:

  • Delete or Hide Inappropriate Posts
  • Refresh your Bio 
  • Upload Good Photos
  • Deactivate Old Accounts or Blogs

How LinkedIn Can Help Your Job Search

While any connection from social media platforms can help you land a job, from a professional networking perspective, getting yourself established on LinkedIn is a great way to build a professional network and develop a professional online presence.

Developing a strong, searchable profile on LinkedIn also provides prospective employers, hiring managers, and staffing recruiters an opportunity to find you. Good recruiters aren’t just sitting back waiting for applications and resumes to come in, they are combing their network looking for candidates (both passive and active) who might fit their needs.

Social Media and You

Begin reviewing and cleaning up your social media today. Rid yourself of old, and maybe not so flattering posts or images that display an out of control adolescent. Build your own brand and put on display the type of individual prospective employers (the one’s searching for you right now) are looking for.

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