Did you know that 43% of employers use social media to learn more about potential candidates? If you are looking for a job, consider spending some time to polish up your digital presence regardless of how great your resume is. 

It’s not that you need to change everything about who you are, but chances are you’ve probably posted something on social media you’ve later regretted. With more and more hiring managers taking a peek at the social media profiles of job applicants, it’s vital that your profile doesn’t have offensive content. 

If you’re not sure where to begin, here are some tips that will help you put your best foot forward online:


Deactivate Old Accounts/Blogs

You’re not the only one who thinks their social media posts during the teenage years were absolutely cringe-worthy. Delete/deactivate the old Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube accounts you don’t want a hiring manager to see.

The easiest way to find your old social media accounts or any other information about you online is to Google yourself. You might be surprised what comes up in the search results.

Also, if you started a blog years ago, or presently have one, go over the content carefully. Does it reflect who you are today? If the posts are not relevant anymore, it might be wise to delete them.  


Delete or Hide Inappropriate Posts 

Ask yourself, “Do I want a potential employer to see this post on my profile?” If the answer is no, delete it. And if you don’t want to delete it, simply hide it by opting for “Only me” visibility option.

It is always better to take a conservative approach when it comes to determining whether the content can be considered inappropriate. Keep in mind that hiring managers may not have the same sensibilities as you. This includes the content you’ve created/posted yourself as well as everything that you’ve “liked”, shared, and retweeted.

For something so short and seemingly harmless, tweets have blown up more careers than you may imagine. What you considered expressing an opinion, it might be construed negatively by future employers. So, take extra care to ensure your tweets cannot be interpreted as mean, ignorant, or offensive.  


Upload Good Photos

The first thing an employer would see about you online is your photo. Make sure your profile and cover photos are recent, crisp, and professional-looking. There is no need to get a professional headshot; clear images taken in natural light with your phone camera will do nicely. 

You can also use the same picture across all your social media profiles for building a personal brand recognition.

And just in case it needs saying – do not use any “cool” photo effects or filters!


Refresh Your Bio 

Your social media bio is like a business card. It tells the world who you are and what makes you different. In case of employers and hiring managers, it also tells them why they should hire you.

A good bio establishes your qualifications and experience, but also that you are a human being complete with a personality. If you haven’t updated your bio in a while, review it again across all your social media accounts. Make sure you include the right keywords.

If you include any links to your personal website or online portfolio in the bio, don’t forget to double-check them to ensure they are working.

Your online presence can make or break your chance of scoring the job you want so err on the side of caution. So, Google yourself today and see where you stand, then get to work!