When you work with recruiting and staffing agencies, you’re expecting great, qualified candidates for your business. While these staffing companies use interview testing and candidate pools to help streamline staffing, they also take advantage of the vast (and growing) social media landscape. You might hesitate when you hear that your newest candidate came from a social media page, but you shouldn’t worry! Keep reading to learn about the five ways recruiting and staffing agencies use social media to find the right candidate for your company.

1. Posting Jobs on Social Media

To find the right candidates, the best staffing agencies will use multiple platforms to advertise the position. Recruiters have expert knowledge about what a candidate looks for in a new position. Use their expertise to craft your job postings. With the right job posting on a variety of websites, recruiting and staffing agencies will have more candidates to choose from.

Job posting sites like Indeed, ZipRecruiter, and LinkedIn are just a few of the sites out there that recruiters can post to, in addition to your company’s social media pages. These pages include your website, Facebook page, and Instagram. While it may seem counterintuitive to promote a professional position on a social media site, it only helps find more candidates. These candidates will still be vetted and approved by your recruiting and staffing agency, so you won’t have to worry about wasting time.

LinkedIn is a social media platform for career and business professionals with over 500 million users around the world. You can’t underestimate the power of social media in 2022. When you’re using headhunters to staff, ask about their thoughts on job postings for social media. The best recruiting and staffing agencies will use all the tools at their disposal to help find the right candidates.

2. Screening Applicants

Social media provides great insight into potential candidates. This allows recruiters to see what a candidate posts about and their activity online. On LinkedIn, recruiters can see the work history of a candidate. This is a great way to check on their industry experience and involvement. Platforms like Facebook also offer options for people to state their place of employment in their profiles. If a candidate has a public profile, recruiters can confirm the information provided during an interview on these platforms.

Talk to your recruiting company about how much a candidate’s online presence means to you. Some companies may prefer their candidates to have a public presence, especially if you’re looking to hire for a social media management position. For other high-level, executive jobs, an active social media presence may not be seen as professional. If you have strong opinions about how your candidates exist online, discuss this with your recruiter. They can add that to their checklist when looking through candidates.

This step is typically done by recruiting and staffing agencies after the interview process. It’s the last check to ensure that the candidate is right for your company. Make sure to communicate clearly with your agency about what to look for on the social media pages of candidates.

3. Access to Passive Candidates

Professional spaces have grown online in the past three years due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Recruiters like those at Kane Partners have cultivated a vast network of active and passive candidates, but the pool of qualified professionals grows every year online. Creating content that connects your company with potential employees is a great way to access candidates who might not even be aware of an open position.

With social media, newly-graduated professionals can learn about the opportunities out there. These new candidates may not yet have you on their radar. When recruiters use your online presence to promote your open positions, new candidates will crop up. You can also use this as a way to develop your brand identity. A cultural fit is often as important as a technically-proficient candidate. This is important for companies and candidates alike. When a company develops its brand, it will become recognizable to candidates. This is a great way to signify the culture that’s promoted at your company.

Passive candidates will consider your company when staffing agency services use social media during the staffing process. To become a company recognized for its great culture in your industry, you have to utilize social media consistently. To do this, you can post videos answering questions about your company or share photos of a manufacturing floor. This is a great tool that recruiters use to expand the pool of candidates for your open positions.

4. Improve Your Networking

Recruiters can join groups on LinkedIn on behalf of your company. This is a great way to connect you with more candidates that might have been missed. These specialized groups are often joined by qualified candidates who are actively seeking jobs. Recruiters may even ask employees of the company to join the group to have a greater company presence. These tactics are important for you to build your company’s online brand and promote your culture.

Even if there are candidates who are currently employed, your recruiting agency can keep up with candidates using these groups. While you are posting your jobs, candidates are posting about their interest in jobs. Those who are truly interested in working with you will actively post about it. This also gives recruiters an idea of what a candidate desires out of a job before even reaching out to them. Finding people who are passionate about your industry is easier with these groups.

5. Find High-Quality Candidates

Though recruiters have great sources for qualified candidates, this may not include newly graduated or newly-certified professionals. People who are just getting started in the workforce may not be noticed by recruiters if they are overlooking the power of job sites like LinkedIn. Most young professionals will create a LinkedIn profile to start their job searches and the best recruiting and staffing agencies will find them.

These agencies can see a candidate’s qualifications right on their profile. When you need your information technology recruiter to find a candidate fast, using social media is important. LinkedIn offers a direct messaging system that allows recruiters to reach out immediately. This makes contact quick and easy between recruiters and candidates.

Professional social media profiles are updated often, especially by those who want to work in the industry. If your staffing agency is recruiting for a high-level executive, they can check in on the status of the desired candidate at their current position regularly. Social media also gives recruiters the opportunity to check out other similar job postings to see how your company’s job compares. When using social media during a recruiting process, recruiters will stay up-to-date on the current job market in your industry.

Why Choose Kane Partners?

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