No matter how long you’ve owned your business, it’s important to know how to hire and retain talent for your various positions. According to Capterra, 16% of new hires dismiss a company after working there for only two years. This is a short amount of time and could be hurtful to your business. Let’s take a look at how you can hire and retain talent for longer periods of time.

Make the Job Desirable

Job seekers want to get a job where they have a purpose and they can help with the growth of the company. On the job listing, you should provide what potential candidates can look forward to and how they’ll be contributing to success at large. Also, making the benefits of the job desirable can help immensely. According to Smallbizgenius, 54% of hiring professionals say work flexibility encourages retention and 51% agree it attracts candidates. Think about what job seekers are looking for in a position nowadays and see if you can deliver it.

Offer Developmental Opportunities

When looking for work, many job seekers look for a place they can expand their knowledge and where they can grow as an individual in the field they work in. It’s important to invest time in developmental opportunities for your employees to learn and grow. By doing so, you’ll see an increase in productivity, and your team will be able to better understand new updates and changes in the industry.

Utilize a Mechanical Engineering Recruiting Firm

At Kane Partners, we have a team of mechanical engineering headhunters who can take over the hiring process for you. The team at a manufacturing recruiting firm will look through the many applications you’ve received and even go out of their way to reach out to those who didn’t apply. By using their networking skills, our staffing agency can find potential candidates who didn’t know you were hiring. Using headhunters to staff can speed up the hiring process and find you the perfect candidates.

If you’re planning on hiring any time soon, then it’s important to keep these tips in mind. Hiring and retaining is easier said than done, but with these tips, you can see the difference. Get in touch with our mechanical engineering recruiting firm to use our services today!