Identifying a quality candidate for your HR position can be very difficult. That’s where staffing agencies come in. We work tirelessly to find the right candidate for your position, and an HR position requires exceptional communication skills, strong ethics, problem-solving abilities, and more. The HR department is crucial to handling workplace conflicts, training processes, benefits, and more. Let’s take a look at some signs you’ve found the right candidate for your open position.

1. Exceptional Communication Skills

Good HR candidates must have great communication skills. They often act as the speaker between management and employees, which makes the ability to convey clear messages effectively extremely important. Another important communicative aspect is being able to translate complex policies or legal documents into common and understandable language for employees. Your HR candidate will also be drafting emails and other internal pieces of communication, so digital communication skills are important, too.

2. Strong Ethics

As an HR representative, your potential employees will have access to sensitive information. This makes a strong ethical framework incredibly important since you need someone you trust with this information. An ethical HR representative can also build and promote trust within the workplace. It helps employees feel more comfortable speaking up on sensitive topics when the representative is reliable.

Strong ethics ensure that diversity and inclusion are common throughout the workplace. By promoting DEI, it ensures that all employees feel welcome at their place of work. Working with the best staffing agency helps to fill these needs. Actually, according to Capterra, an ethnically diverse workplace beats industry competitors by 35% in earnings.

3. Problem Solving Abilities

Being able to solve difficult problems is one of the more important traits for an HR representative to have. If a conflict occurs in the workplace, then HR needs to be able to resolve the issue quickly. If there is a possible issue, then they’re tasked with resolving it before escalation. By using professional staffing agencies, you can rest assured knowing that we will work to find the optimal candidate with a proven track record of problem-solving.

Those are just a few signs you’ve found the right HR candidate. If you’re struggling to find the ideal candidate, then contact the best recruiting and staffing agency in your area. At Kane Partners, we are proud to be the premier staffing firm in Philadelphia.