Many things are different than they were about 20 years ago. A great example is recruiting top talent for your open job position. In the past, you could post a mediocre job description and still have highly-qualified candidates contacting you. That is not the case today. Nowadays, recruiting top talent requires a more serious marketing effort, and a staffing agency can help! Work with your recruiter to include these things in your job description, and you’ll be on track to hire some great new talent for your company.

1. Remember That People Are People

What do all people want? A sense of belonging. In short, a talented candidate will want to work on a team surrounded by other talented people. When writing your job description with the help of your staffing agency, ensure you differentiate your opportunity from your competitors and be sure to speak to your culture of a great, talented team. You could also include a video of your team or company in your job post. This could help you find some great candidates since the candidate application rate goes up by 34% when a job post includes a video, according to SmallBizGenius.

2. Include a Challenge

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that the top candidates are inspired by exciting challenges. They want the chance to make a difference and do something great. As such, if your company or team is working on a challenging opportunity, be sure to include it in your job description!

3. Speak to the Level of Opportunity

No one wants a job with no opportunity for growth. Instead, candidates want to see a career or opportunity path that is better than the path at their current employer. Be sure to include what type of growth you expect for both the company and the candidate. The stability of your business is also a significant factor for candidates considering leaving their current employer.

4. Don’t Forget About Compensation

Whether you’re in the manufacturing, IT, mechanical engineering, or food and beverage industry, the market is competitive. As such, it’s important to include compensation in your job description. When determining the compensation, ensure it is at or above the market. This is to say you and your staffing agency will have a much harder time finding qualified candidates if your competitors offer higher compensation than you. Keep in mind that compensation is not all about salary. In fact, including a benefits package with health insurance, paid time off, and/or a 401K can be the difference between hiring someone who will become a valuable member of your team and losing them to your competitors.

As mentioned before, recruiting top talent nowadays requires serious marketing efforts, so you need to be able to understand your audience and what their needs are. Crafting the perfect job description is no easy task. Luckily, the best staffing agencies will work with you to ensure your job description speaks to your audience. Contact us today at Kane Partners to get started crafting the perfect job description for your open position and start hiring quality candidates!