The Importance of Social Media in Today’s Job Market

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Is Social Media a Requirement for Organizations Today?

Social media is becoming a necessity in today’s world, more than ever before. Social media is delivering everything we want to know about pretty much anything, in a split second, and at our fingertips. While some embrace it and use social media regularly, others still don’t for multiple reasons; finding it difficult, or they don’t want it to be intrusive or a mainstay in their lives. So what role does social media play in today’s job market, and how important should it be in your search?

To answer that, we need to understand the two sides of the job search equation, and how each uses social media. For a company, social media has been a marketing tools for years. A way to get their name out to the masses, and engage with their consumers. What is becoming more common is that companies are using it in their recruiting and Human Resources engagements. Social media allows these departments to identify candidates that are perhaps passively looking, engaging with leaders in the industry that were once difficult to reach, and deliver information to perspective employees about their company’s opportunities, benefits, and culture. Once engaged with a company, they can, and do, use social media to learn about a candidate beyond the resume.

Social Recruiting strategy with Kane Partners Social Media

So, what do you need to know about your social media presence with this in mind?

Kristin Kane Ford, Director of Social Media, at Kane Partners, explains that the first thing to know, is that you need to be on social media. “Social media allows a prospective employer to get to know you beyond just the words on a resume. It has the potential to identify you as someone engaged in your industry, or contributes to the conversations taking place in the industry.” Kane also described things to be mindful of on social media. “Companies will review your LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, etc., you need to be mindful that they you don’t overshare on any platform, especially things that could be deemed offensive or embarrassing. Be sure you keep up to date, especially on platforms such as LinkedIn, or it may be seen as inconsistency.” “Keep in mind being actively involved in industry conversations, building networks, and visible within your industry, it can help support your candidacy.”

Getting Social Media to Work for you

Sites like LinkedIn can be immensely important for a job seeker, if managed properly. Here are a few useful tips:

    1. Make sure your profile is up to date.
    2. Build a network of family, friends, and industry contacts, to show you are engaged and communicate.
    3. Don’t forget to follow industry specific media job market
    4. Follow companies that are involved in your specific line of work.
    5. Engage in conversations, and like topics you have read and find interesting.
    6. A general rule to follow with all social media, is that if you wouldn’t want your mother, spouse, or children to see it, you shouldn’t post it. It is best to view “social media” as another tool in your job search.


Yes, social media can be a valuable tool, if used in the proper context. At Kane Partners, we have a social media division, that keeps us apprised of new advancements, trains staff and recruiters on social media tools and activities, which in turn means, we can help guide you through the positive ways to use social media to help you land your next position.

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