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Twitter for Job-Seekers

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Twitter Tips for Job Seekers

Twitter Tips for Job Seekers www.twitter.com

Need Help? help.twitter.com

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A Tweet is a 140 character message sent to a real time news feed of your Followers and Twitter.

Key terms to Know:

@username – Allows you to tweet about a specific user/profile. Shared on both profiles.
RT @username – Allows you to Re-tweet or RT what someone else wrote, giving them credit
d username – Direct message to another Profile.
#Topic – This puts your tweet in a community/category with other tweet with same #topic.

Looking for something? Use search.twitter.com or Google search old tweets: site:twitter.com/username

See latest the latest Tweet Trends: http://hashtags.org or tagal.us or whatthetrend.com
See what’s HOT on Twitter right now? Twitscoop.com or Twopular.com

Manage multiple accounts or one account with: Twhirl.org or Tweetdeck.com or HootSuite

Have a long web address to share? Use these links to create tiny/short url’s for twitter: Bit.ly, Tr.im, or cli.gs

Key HASHTAGS for Career Search? Use a combination of #jobs #job and your industry keyword for your job title. I.E. #marketing #IT, #software, #CFO… : #jobs with your keywords to find local positions up to the second.

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