Social Media Recruiting - Comparing LinkedIn and Facebook

Evolving Social Media Recruitment – Facebook Vs. LinkedIn

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Facebook is a Great Way to Connect Employers with Potential Candidates

FaceBook and job recruiting
Recruiting has long been in the forefront of technology advances… IN the late 80’s prodigy and AOL were already in use as recruitment tools. The advent of Applicant Tracking Systems revolutionized the business. Shortly thereafter Monster – with one Superbowl ad – created a whole new way to recruit. Now Monster, CareerBuilder and the other “boards” are fading out of favor.

Many would say that Job Boards and ATS have weakened recruiting skills. I wax on about ‘the old days’ when recruiters ‘hunted’. There were no resume repositories. We had to be subject matter experts for our industries and excellent responsible networkers. RELATIONSHIPS were the key to successful recruiting. It is likely true that easy access to active applicants has allowed many agencies to reduce training and hire customer service oriented recruiters, diminishing the experience for both candidates and hiring authorities. We’ve also discussed using social media profiles as a way to build your résumé.

It seems arbitrary to me that LinkedIn is a “Business” network and Facebook is a “Social” network. They are virtually identical platforms. LinkedIn seems to appeal to a more technically oriented crowd, less user- friendly. They have 400 Million Users. Facebook – EVERYONE is on Facebook!

With over a billion users it is incredible wasteful for recruiters to ignore this pool of recruitment talent. LinkedIn makes identifying specific job titles and resumes easier, but that data is mined by every recruiter – You are competing with all the other agencies (or agencies attention) with this platform. Facebook users check their statuses constantly (at work!), they are much more often on mobile, most don’t adjust their privacy settings, only a small percentage of recruiters are actively combing this network.

LinkedIn you pay for messages, or you can be blocked

You can message ANYONE on Facebook

Facebook, because of its volume is likely to promote your firm better too = Also, people on Facebook are more likely to respond – They can ‘like’ your page, share it and more likely to do so – Facebook users are ACTIVE. LinkedIn users, for the most part are passive).

Facebook presence indicates a company in tune with today – It’s Hip, not expected. Whether you’re in Technology, marketing, Customer Service, banking, today’s hot candidate prospects will respect your savvy entry into Facebook as a B2B/B2C tool.

LinkedIn active recruits are going to make contact with LOTS of recruiters. Landing and holding onto one of these candidates in such a competitive recruitment environment is difficult. Facebook, with its social nature is more likely to produce referrals, be more personal and give the recruiter the opportunity to hold onto their candidate through the process.

LinkedIn charges for job posting, data mining, and messaging – Facebook is FREE – yielding a much better return on investment/cost ration/profitability.

LinkedIn is a clumsy networking tool – It is mostly designed for 1-1 communication – Facebook is a COMMUNITY. Your presence on Facebook presents much better networking opportunities and better exposure to your firm/brand/personality.

Still think Facebook isn’t a business venue? They have 26 MILLION business pages. Firms from the Fortune 100, to non-profits, to bootstrap start-ups have Facebook presence. Facebook click-throughs are 50% higher than LinkedIn.

Check out this study conducted by Facebook that discovered how useful the social media powerhouse can be in the recruiting industry.

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Michael Lazrus has over 25 years of expereince in the recruiting industry for IT, Creative and Engineering.