Discovering Local and National Talent for your Business

Successful businesses are scaling nationally and globally thanks to advantages of the Digital Age. How does this impact my job search or hiring challenges? Some markets have limited resources or opportunities in a technical employment scenario with low single digit unemployment. Broadening your search on a national or even international basis provides a much richer pool of candidates. Employers are finding better talent at a faster pace through relocation or remote resources. Kane Partners, headquartered in Pennsylvania, has a long and successful history of recruitment on a national scale.

Today’s economy continues to be a roller coaster. Hewlett-Packard (HP) just announced 30,000 layoffs on top of 20,000 in recent months. Capital One, Seagate, Home Depot all have announced reductions THIS WEEK. Firms like Kane Partners that track the market and have well established national recruiting networks can greatly enhance your search experience. If you have found it difficult to locate someone in your immediate area, why not cast a wider net and open your search to a greater spectrum of candidates?

We encourage you to challenge us to find the right candidate for you, anywhere in the country.

Are you trying to fill a manufacturing job in Nebraska? Does your Delaware technology company often struggle to find new leadership that is desperately needed to manage an increase in workflow? Recognized leaders in the IT, Marketing and Manufacturing segment, we offer a refined and effective search process that lets you keep the engine greased by saving loads of time on the recruiting front.

Kane Partners has successfully serviced clients in many states.

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We challenge you to challenge us! If you haven’t seen the results you were expecting from a previous recruiter, perhaps it’s time to make a switch. Give us the shot to take on the toughest jobs that you need to fill. We’ll do whatever it takes to find what you need – anywhere in the country! In today’s world, a good recruiter uses any and all methods of technology to reel in the big fish. We’ll share our knowledge and wisdom with you – join us in the great search.