Securing the Top Available Talent in Maryland

Kane Partners can help your Maryland-based company in the recruiting process by saving you the frustration of finding top talent. The talent you need is not waiting for your call and your competitors are using the same means to attract that talent. Top talent will have multiple opportunities and you will be in a bidding war for them. We can save you the time required to advertise, respond to, interview, evaluate, test and eliminate those ad responses.


Kane Partners’ approach is to source the qualified individuals and to connect with them privately. These candidates are not actively in the market. They are passively aware of what is available. Kane Partners will present your opportunity in a fashion that generates curiosity. They can speak professionally about your requirements. And, as a rapport is developed the candidates’ skills will be vetted against your needs. Kane Partners is not your typical staffing firm that will flood you with candidates. We believe in quality over quantity and our ten year average of one interview for every two candidates we present to you substantiates that claim. We hail from a neighboring state that has a multiple year track record of supporting the mid-Atlantic region…plus we love crabs!!

We have a history of staffing companies from various cities in Maryland including:








We would love to work with you to help bring in the much-needed temporary or permanent help that you need. At Kane Partners, we work extremely close with you to determine which candidate would be the right match, taking into considerations level of skill, managerial expertise, company culture, location, and personality. We have spent years refining this process and have perfected each step from the interview all the way up to the candidate’s first day on the job.

We take pride in our work and use the latest in technology to not only find people looking for work but to remain active on social media and stay in touch with our partners. Join us to get in on the fun and learn why we are consistently recognized among the leading staffing agencies in the nation! Gary Kane, former head of the American Staffing Association, will take the time to ensure that your company is setup for success. If you would like to begin the process of finding locating next top candidate, please contact us by calling 215-699-5500 or send us an email with all of the details to

We are looking forward to working with you!