Preparing you for the Perfect Job Opportunity

To assist you in your search:

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We are your voice in a vast industry. We have the ability to make a personal presentation on your behalf that highlights your talents to potential employers. No longer will your resume be lost in a sea of submissions.

Kane Partners LLC is in the business of building relationships with its candidates. You will be considered for ALL available positions that match your skills and your needs.

To us, you are a person and not just a resume. Therefore, we do not solicit your qualifications without your consent or ever alter a resume you have entrusted to us.

Our Promise:

Kane Partners creates exposure to many IT job and engineering job openings, and we welcome the opportunity to work with you in your career search. As a contingency based/retained firm our services are paid by the client company. All of our services to you, the candidate, are free.

We are market aware and are prepared to customize a career search for you! With a significant client base in the Mid-Atlantic region we have a unique cross section of exciting opportunities throughout the Information Technology and Engineering industries. If you are interested in a job in software development, banking, insurance, financial services, pharmaceutical or consulting, Kane Partners LLC can help you attain the position that meets your needs.

Our services are as follows: