According to Quantum Workplace, about 53% of employees would like more recognition from their supervisors and managers. Whether you manage a manufacturing business, a food and beverage company, an IT solutions agency, or something else, employee recognition matters. Recognition ensures workers feel appreciated for the work they do and the progress they make every day; it’s also a key factor in a positive workplace culture. To improve employee recognition within the business you manage, consider the following tips that staffing agencies endorse.

Launch a Recognition Program

According to Achievers, if they received social recognition more often, about 40% of employees say they would put more energy into their work. This means that investing in a workplace recognition program will actually improve your workers’ efforts, thus leading to higher work quality and perhaps enhanced financial gains for your business!

To launch an employee recognition program, staffing agencies recommend starting by sending out a survey to your workers. A survey will gauge interest in what types of incentives your workers would enjoy most. Does the idea of workplace SWAG, gift cards, or team lunches excite your workers? Do your workers want to receive recognition from both management and their peers? Consider what your budget could be for this type of program and plan accordingly. You may want to ask for volunteers to create a committee for such a program, too. This gives employees more control over their work and how they are recognized for it!

Add a Recognition Section to the Company-Wide Meeting Agenda

Does the business you manage hold a weekly or monthly company-wide meeting? This type of meeting is the perfect setting to share recognition so everyone can hear about each other’s accomplishments and successes. One of the easiest ways to do this is by adding a “Recognition” section to the agenda.

Anyone who would like to share a shout-out, a piece of appreciation, or a job well done for a peer, supervisor, or supervisee can add a sentence or two before the meeting begins. Be sure to give the person who wrote the comment the opportunity to speak about it. They can describe their recognition and give everyone the chance to applaud the employee for their hard work and dedication!

Show Appreciation

Staffing agencies will tell any supervisor, manager, or boss that even the smallest shout-outs mean a lot to their employees, peers, and supervisees. Aside from company-wide meeting shout-outs, you can write a kind email or note to send to the person you’d like to express appreciation for.

Other ways to express appreciation include providing small gifts, such as gift cards to local shops and eateries, handy desk items, coffee mugs, card games, and candles. For workers out on paternity, maternity, or recovery leaves, you may want to send them a kind gift to symbolize the team’s respect for them. Such gifts could include handy items for new parents, like prepared meals to pop in the oven and diapers, or injured workers in recovery, like food delivery gift cards and games. While these tokens of appreciation may seem minimal to you, they are incredibly heartwarming to workers who are out of work.

Tributes to workers don’t only go to individuals who are out on leave. When an employee gets married, experiences a death in their family, buys their first home, has a spouse who’s retired, or has a child who’s graduated from high school or college, these are reasons to show that their team cares about them. Work is only part of a person’s life, so it’s important to show appreciation for workers who are juggling life and work well, especially when something difficult happens in their personal life. Sending a kind card and a small gift can go a long way!

Provide Development Opportunities

Staffing agencies will always encourage employers to provide development opportunities for their workers. This helps employees stay on top of the latest trends and sources of innovation in their industry. Just as importantly, this establishes your business as one that cares about its employees and their growth.

Providing development opportunities shows your employees that you want to expose them to information, technology, and news that can help them grow professionally. Keep in mind that, according to Achievers, highly engaged workforces enjoy a 21% increase in profitability and an additional 6% growth in sales. Seems cost-effective, too, right?

Consider development opportunities like trainings, workshops, conferences, fairs, and more. When your employees attend such events, they will also network with other professionals and staffing agencies in the industry, which can also give your company a leg up.

Host Parties

Did you know that about 90% of millennials believe that a company’s success should be measured by more than just its net profit? An excellent way to show your employees you care about them and recognize their hard work is by throwing company-wide parties. After a long Monday hard at work, your employees will feel appreciated by a catered meal and to-go desserts to bring home. When a holiday rolls around, be sure workers have the opportunity to be celebrated. Plus, parties are great for morale!

Encourage Peer Recognition

Staffing agencies don’t just think employer-to-employee recognition is important; peer-to-peer appreciation has many benefits as well! With 64% of employees saying they may leave their jobs, improving peer-to-peer support and recognition on top of employer recognition can truly help a worker see they are appreciated for the work they do every day. Managers should speak with their direct reports about providing recognition to their peers. Ask workers how they think this type of initiative should move forward for the best results.

According to Achievers, about 58% of employees report that their supervisor relationship would improve with more recognition. Are you ready to put in the work and create a workplace culture that allows your company to grow and prosper? This starts with excellent hires. Here at Kane Partners, we are one of the best staffing agency services you can work with. Let our team focus on recruiting and staffing for your firm so you can focus on recognition and development. Contact us today to get started.