If you’re like most business owners and department heads, you may be looking for a new way to promote collaboration in your workplace. Our staffing agency has found that one of the best ways to do this is by creating a mentoring culture. In a mentoring culture, everyone participates. This allows newer or less experienced employees to be mentees and gives them a chance to develop their skills, but also allows more experienced or long-time employees to gain value as mentors. If you’re considering creating a mentoring culture, you can expect the following benefits.

Increase Learning and Development

Your mentors, who have been with your company or in your field for a long period of time, have loads of knowledge to share. In fact, according to Together, the knowledge transfer that happens during mentorship offers a very high ROI for companies. When paired with a newer or less experienced employee, a mentee, there will be a natural increase in learning and development. According to Together, a mentorship platform, two-thirds of employees surveyed don’t feel that knowledge, information, and ideas are shared freely in your organization. A mentoring culture is a great way to change that!

Increase Employee Promotions

If you’ve ever been in charge of hiring, you know that it can be a long process. When you have open positions that would be considered a promotion for your current employees, wouldn’t you rather promote from within? With a mentoring culture, your mentees will have the support, knowledge, information, and ideas to make them successful in a promoted position.

Increase Employee Retention

It’s no secret that retaining your current employees is more effective than continuous hiring. While our staffing agency can help you find new talent, we also want to help you retain your current talent. Luckily, creating a mentoring culture is the first step in the right direction. Millennials and Gen-Z’s, who make up a majority of today’s workforce, are looking for meaning, growth, and community in their jobs and prefer coaches or mentors over bosses, according to Together.

Along with increasing learning and development, employee promotions, and employee retention, creating a mentoring culture will also help attract top talent to your company. Due to the reasons discussed above, employment at a company with a mentoring culture is highly desired by job seekers. Whether you are looking to recruit top talent for your company or are looking for a job with a mentoring culture, give us a call today at Kane Partners!