Proper leadership in the workplace is crucial for optimal functionality, employee productivity, and overall satisfaction. Whether you’re hiring an engineering, IT, or manufacturing recruiter to staff your place of business, the best staffing agencies will look for the following qualities of a leader in candidates.


Any manufacturing, engineering, or IT recruiter will inform you that self-awareness is one of the most important qualities in a worker, and especially a leader in the workplace. A leader who is self-aware understands that team members are observing them. Leaders also need to be aware of their body language and how other employees respond.

Ability to Connect

About 80% of millennial job candidates question how they’ll fit into the culture of the business that’s recruiting them, according to Capterra. A major aspect of culture is relationship-building in the workplace. A good leader understands how to build connections with their coworkers so everyone feels cared about. When workers feel genuinely cared for where they work and cherish relationships with their peers, they will care more about their jobs and be productive.


“Consistency is key” is a saying for a reason. When you’re using headhunters to staff your engineering, IT, or manufacturing facility, recruiting and staffing professionals will be on the lookout for candidates who offer consistency in their work and their attitude. A leader who is consistent will pass this trait on to their peers, which will improve outcomes in the workplace.


Any IT, engineering, or manufacturing recruiter will inform your HR department that hiring a candidate who is present is important, too. A leader in the workplace understands how to remain present in the conversation they’re in, the project they’re working on, the presentation they’re watching, or the meeting they’re leading. A worker who is constantly distracted won’t be valued by their peers because they won’t feel listened to or respected.


The best staffing agency can spot an ingenuine person from a mile away. Moreover, workers will immediately pick up on a new person’s inauthenticity, which won’t lead to a high-culture work environment. A leader in the workplace is authentic, which leads to honesty, dependability, and vulnerability. These traits are crucial because other workers will look up to and follow in these footsteps.

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